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The Battle of the Sexys

One of the stars of Chicago Fire is contractually obligated to be in the audience tonight and man, he is so happy to be on a show. Good questions, Carson--you are awful.

De'borah sings next, and she chose "Who Knew" by Pink. De'borah still can't believe she's allowed to be in the same room as Christina Aguilera. I can't tell from these sessions whether or not Christina is actually an effective coach or not. I think De'borah is one of the few contestants on the show we're already rooting for, though, so she's an easy sell on Team Christina. I like De'borah, and she certainly brings passion to her stage performance, almost to the point where the vocals don't matter. But, as the theme reminds us, "this is The Voice!" A real failure of a TV theme, by the way. All the coaches compliment De'borah's spirit and originality.

Next up, it's Diego Val. He just keeps choosing worse and worse songs, and has truly outdone himself with "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias. Diego, I don't want to be the one to tell you this, but I feel like no one else will: this song is not cool. Wait--Cee Lo picked this song? I question everything I thought I knew.

Diego sings "Bailamos" casually, with a lot of heart, but for some reason I'm not buying it. Can anyone really be that serious about "Bailamos"? And never before has there been a rendition of "Bailamos" that made me want to dance less. Adam thinks it was "good," but not fully engaged. I see another Starbucks cup next to Adam, and I wonder if he has some kind of a sponsorship deal with them on the side? Also, is that a bedazzled starfish or a voodoo doll on Christina's head?

Diego says he tried his best, and Cee Lo thinks the ladies will vote for him because he's sexy. Don't tell us who we think is sexy, Cee Lo. I'm into dudes who wear socks.

Mackenzie Bourg sings next, but where is Mackenzie's hilarious dad? He is part of this package deal we long to vote for. Cee Lo gives Mackenzie another "current record," in "What Makes You Beautiful." Cee Lo knows how to get those votes. In the beginning of the performance, it sounds like Mackenzie is in the wrong key, but maybe I just couldn't pick out the right notes in the thin background. Even the wrong key can't keep us from falling in love with Mackenzie's boyish charm. And nobody is going to stop me from buying myself a bottle of Justin Bieber perfume. I want to smell like a 19-year old's girlfriend.

Did Adam just call Mackenzie a throwback to "Bloody Holly?" Adam says Mackenzie is an American Idol, and maybe not the winner of The Voice. Christina, half asleep at this point, calls Mackenzie "a little charmer." Hey, her eyebrows are painted on.

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