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The Battle of the Sexys

I was just getting used to a world without Team Christina, but now we have to listen to Devyn Deloera. Devyn has long hair and legs, and no personality to speak of. This week she's singing "Bleeding Love." This is a good song for Devyn, until she starts belting. There's a desperation in that loudness that doesn't really endear her to us. Carson assures her that this "might have been" the right song at the right time. His words, as usual, are empty and meaningless.

Cee Lo, who actually knows something, thinks Devyn is a better singer than this performance would suggest. Blake thinks the song mutated into the old powerhouse Devyn. Christina is OK settling for fourth place.

Nicholas David, my favorite human, is here to save the night. This week, he's singing "The First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White. It's a good match. Nicholas David sings the dance hits of the '70s. I like him singing stuff that's a little more mellow and soulful, but this is a nice little change of pace, I guess. It doesn't matter what he sings; I love it all. The crowd went wild. Christina looks like she's starting to regret taking Nyquil so early. She thought this show would only be an hour long tonight.

Adam tells America that Barry White is a big name in music, then tells Nicholas he wants to make a baby now. I know some ladies who would volunteer, Adam, but you'd better pay that child support.

Sylvia Yacoub sings next, because someone has to go after Nicholas David. She is performing "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry (a favorite choice on Team Christina, it looks like). Sylvia wants to start out playing the piano to show that she is not Devyn Deloera. I haven't really been a fan of Sylvia before, but this performance is quite nice. Let's see if she ruins it by belting and going crazy at the end. Thankfully, she resists the urge.

Cee Lo, yet again, doesn't care about winning, and calls it the performance of the night. Christina offers up that she "gets" Sylvia. Nobody's feedback is meaningful tonight.

Does anyone care about Dez Duron? T-shirts do--they all want to be loosely arranged on his chest. Dez chose "Wanted" for this week, and some unfairly tight pants. As smart as this move is for Dez, and as nice as the vocals are, I'm still bored. Something tells me Dez sings this song to himself in the mirror every morning as a part of his affirmations.

"The good news is that girls really love you," Adam tells Dez, who he is dressed almost identically to. Then Adam keeps talking, and it is meaningless. Blake knows a country song when he hears it, so he notes that. Christina stands up and pushes her boobs together for Dez.

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