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I would like to see Cody sing this with Jennifer Hudson a little more, but he's fine on his own once the song gets going. Cody breaks it down for a fun dance break, channeling the defeated Domo, and that is perhaps the best part. Adam tells Cody he is awesome, and makes him laugh. Whatever that means. Blake says he's "confused in a good way," and wonders what Arkansas will think. Christina gives it an "oh hayyy," and I'm just happy this performance put everyone in a good mood.

Christina Milian talks some more at Melanie, Cody, and Terry, and Cody manages to have a little moment in spite of the desperate Milian Steamroller. "Cody how do I get my inner bambam back hahaha don't you love it Terry I do OK that's it."

Bryan Keith, who is on Team Adam, is singing Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" this week and I'm very happy about it. This is the first Bryan Keith song choice I approve of. I'm not sure why "America" hasn't grown bored of Bryan Keith yet, but this casual, plodding performance might just be the thing to do it. I get that he's "cool," but I don't like when you can tell performers are thinking about other things while they're singing. Before going to the coaches, Carson notes that this song is "timely" because of Hurricane Sandy. Buhh, Carson.

Blake says Bryan reminds him of Michael Buble, and Christina says you can tell the performance is heartfelt. Cee Lo likes Billy Joel. Adam also likes Billy Joel. We are in consensus -- Billy Joel is great.

Amanda Brown sings next, in a fabulous new weave. She openly acknowledges that "Spectrum" was not her best. This week, she's singing "Stars" by Grace Potter. Adam is right, this is a great choice for her. It's time for Amanda to narrow her focus a bit more. Amanda seems moved, and legitimately emotional by the end of the performance.

Blake does not know the song, but thinks it's a nice way to be introduced to it. Christina gives a cool, calculated compliment, then asks, "is it country?" Adam is humbled and proud of Amanda. We all know she's great. It's the latter half of the show so let's get to the goods.

Nicholas David, my favorite alien, sings next for Team Cee Lo. I like how everyone reacts to Jennifer Hudson being in the room. While Bill Withers is obviously the perfect choice for Nicholas David, I'm sad to hear he's singing "Lean on Me." It's so overwrought.

To my delight, Nicholas is also wearing his hair down and long. Straight hair is in tonight. To my greater delight, Nicholas is accompanied by a full gospel choir. It is fantastic, but not a particularly unique or shining moment for Nicholas. Adam calmly notes that "it was crazy." Blake declares this the best episode of The Voice they've ever had. Oh sure. Cee Lo calls the performance impassioned, then has a very genuine, sincere moment talking about his parents and gospel music. Cee Lo really connects with his contestants, and I think it's one of the many reasons we like them so much. Also, Cee Lo brings Jennifer Hudson to the party.

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