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Point of Return

They keep fighting through the ads and Randall keeps crawling. Eventually Shane hurls Rick to the ground and tips a motorcycle over on top of him, then goes to get his gun back from under the fire engine where Rick kicked it. He's about to dispatch Randall, when Rick grabs him from behind and they recommence grappling. The fight comes to a lull when Rick ends up feeding Shane his teeth after all. Randall finally gains the knife and starts sawing at the ropes around his ankles. Rick and Shane are both bloody as Rick backs off and yells that he's not letting Shane make these calls any more. Shane's thoughtful, reasoned response is to grab a three foot crescent wrench -- a good twenty-five pounds of solid cast iron -- and chuck it two-handed straight at Rick's face. Rick dodges the missile, which crashes through a window behind him. One of the shattered panes briefly shows Shane as he is -- panting, shambling, bloody-mouthed, ugly, no better than a Walker, in case you've been a little slow getting the memo -- and then the hand of a real Walker appears, before the rest of it rolls out right next to Rick. Rick pins it and gives it the old forehead stab among the garbage bags, piled next to the wall, but the next thing you know a swarm of them come pouring out the window. Rick rolls the freshly re-killed Walker over onto himself and passes unnoticed, and as for Shane, well, clearly it's every ex-deputy for himself now. After a quick check-in on Beth, who's currently being yelled at by Maggie for being suicidal, we're back to watching Shane being chased by the horde. But one of them, a female, spots Randall still on the ground sawing at his roped and peels off to come after him.

Rick rolls his latest victim off himself and regains his feet, just in time to greet Herman Munster from the teaser and go running in the other direction. Randall gets his feet loose just in time to jump up and dodge the Walker making a grab for him, then stomps on her arm while she's down. Somehow that buys him the time to get his hands under his feet and in front of him. Still holding the knife in both hands, he welcomes the Crawler, saying, "Come on, bitch, let's see what you got." He manages to get around behind it and stab it in the back of the skull a half-dozen times. I think you got her, Randall.

Lori and Andrea are standing in the kitchen, listening to Beth and Maggie arguing upstairs. "This could have been handled better," Andrea says, meaning Lori shouldn't have taken the knife. "Like Dale taking my gun. That wasn't your decision." Lori thinks this argument is pretty ridiculous. "You'll understand if I don't send you in there." Andrea points out that she came through it. Obviously the reason Andrea's argument is ridiculous is that Dale didn't just confiscate Andrea's guns, he also emotionally blackmailed her into leaving the CDC with him before they both got flash-fried. How does Andrea think she'd have come through that, exactly? And tangentially, how dissed do you think Jacqui felt when nobody was willing to stay with her except Jenner, who never planned to leave anyway? But rather than pointing any of this out, Lori says the one thing most calculated to start a fight between these two: "And became such a productive member of the group." Yeeowch.

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