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Point of Return

Maggie's still dropping some cold, cold shit on Beth, who isn't hearing it. In fact, Beth suggests she and Maggie kill themselves together, that night. "Or we'll be forced to do it when the farm and this house is overrun." Beth says it's inevitable, and there's no one to protect them. Beth has decided that Glenn's useless, based on the scuttlebutt she picked up while she went Cameron Fry on everyone; Rick and Shane will protect their people; and Hershel and Jimmy are probably useless. Wow, Beth's worked out the whole endgame. Andrea's wrong, the group can't afford risking the loss of the most strategically advanced mind on the farm.

Back at the compound, Shane barricades himself in that bus again. This time he cuts his hand, smears blood on the door frame, and stabs the first zombie-head that pries itself in for a lick, just like Rick showed him. Who's keeping you alive now, Shane?

Andrea comes to Beth's room and offers to relieve Maggie. Unaware of what Andrea was arguing to Lori earlier, Maggie takes Andrea up on it. Andrea doesn't have a whole lot to say to Beth; she just opens the other door and asks, "Is this what you want? The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it." With that happy thought, Andrea leaves Beth alone to do as she wishes. What were you saying about keeping people safe, Andrea?

Rick catches Randall and nearly shoots him on the spot, but collars him instead. They hide behind a car and briefly watch the zombie siege on Shane's bus, while Randall begs to be let go, like they planned. He wonders why Rick wants to stay and "help the guy that tried to back your head in." That's an excellent question, Randall. In any case, there's ten of what Randall calls "Roamers," but Randall argues that this is his and Rick's chance to get away together. When Rick doesn't jump on that idea, Randall asks Rick for a gun so he can help, but Rick says they're leaving. "He did this. We're going." And thus Rick solves half of his problems. From inside the bus, Shane watches Rick drag Randall through the gate, and has the nerve to look betrayed.

Maggie enters Beth's room to find it empty, but the bathroom door is locked, Beth is crying behind it, and glass breaks. Lori comes in, and Maggie says she left her with Andrea. Lori pries the lock open, and they find Beth inside, in front of a broken mirror with blood coming out of her wrist. "I'm sorry," she sobs to Maggie. No shit, it's not like replacement bathroom mirrors are going to be easy to come by in Zombieland South.

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