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Truce and Consequences

Hershel goes over to ask Andrea how it's going. "They kicked me out," Andrea answers, looking like it's the worst thing that could possibly have happened. Hershel kindly tells her she's trying to help. Andrea asks what happened with the Governor and Maggie, and Hershel only says, "He's a sick man." Andrea wonders what her next move is. "I can't go back there," she sobs. Hershel says she belongs with them, "but if you join us, it's settled." Andrea says she knows. Whether she does or not.

Inside, the Governor plays the reluctant leader bit, telling Rick that he never wanted this and doesn't even know what he's doing. He puts his gunbelt back on and remarks to Rick, "That was quite a stash you brought back the other day." Okay, are all the characters watching every episode now? The Governor admits that his people aren't as combat-tested as Rick's, but he's got more of them. "This fighting will go down to the last man. So let's end it. Today. Let's not do this. We can walk away. You have something that I want. One thing that makes this all right." Rick says he's not about to give up the prison. But the Governor sits down again, saying he wants no part of that. "That doesn't sound safe at all." He also doesn't want Rick to move out. "Best you stay where I can keep my one good eye on you." Speaking of which, he removes his patch and shows Rick his ruined socket, so that it's not really a surprise when he makes his demand: "I want Michonne. Turn her over and this all goes away. Is she worth it? One woman? Worth all those lives in your prison?" Rick appears to be considering it. No wonder the Governor's been plying him with drink.

At the prison, Merle privately tells Michonne that her people are strong, but not killers. "Rick is," Michonne says. "Maggie is. Carl put down his own mother." Merle says a mercy killing doesn't make Carl an assassin, like Merle says he himself is when he has to be. "Then how do you explain me getting away?" "I must have been seduced by your sterling personality," Merle mocks. He invites Michonne along on that expedition he still wants to take, saying he can use one of the hunting calls he and Daryl used to use in order to his brother a signal. "You shogun the Governor's ass, I'll take care of the rest." Michonne asks what that means for Andrea. "Bullets fly, she's going to have to make her choice real quick," Merle says. Michonne tells him he's on his own. "You get people killed, it's on you." Which has always held him back before.

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