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Truce and Consequences

Glenn stands up in the lookout, watching the walkers milling around out beyond the inner gate. Maggie comes out to take her turn at watch, and then offers to keep him company when he declines. Glenn compliments her on the chokehold she used on Merle earlier, and then admits that he made Woodbury all about him, apologizing to her for not giving her her space. Maggie says it wasn't him she needed space from. "I just wanted you to see me. I'm with you. I'm always with you, you know?" He apologizes, and they hug and he says I love you and they kiss and make up and look ready to bone right there in the lookout, which means one of them is doomed at any moment. Fortunately for their continued survival prospects, the zombies outside are spoiling Glenn's mood, so they duck inside, pull down the steel door, and get to work undressing each other. Soon she's on top of him, and then he's on top of her, and there are no clothes on them and no one on watch!

Rick remarks to the Governor that he's clearly got big plans for bringing humanity back from the brink, and wonders why he would risk his own invaluable life on a "two-bit vendetta." He thinks killing Michonne is a little beneath the Governor. Rather than being drawn out, the Governor says that Rick could save his son and daughter and everyone he knows. "It's your choice." Rick asks how he can be sure the Governor will keep his word. The Governor reiterates that he doesn't care about Rick or his people (though we all know he certainly cares very much about Rick's guns, whatever he might claim), and invites him to think about it. "Two days. I'll be here at noon." With that, he walks out, and Rick follows. The two parties mount up and go their separate ways. And Andrea? She gets in the truck with the Governor and Martinez and Milton, I'd like to think she's doing this to keep an eye on the Governor, but I suspect I'm giving her too much credit. Again.

Rick and the gang return to the prison, and the Governor-mobile returns to Woodbury, driving on to the inner yard and Main Street respectively. The two leaders and their parties climb out, and Rick orders everyone inside. As Andrea wanders off, the Governor quietly orders Martinez to place gunmen all around the meeting place, with instructions to open fire the minute they see Michonne. "Kill the others but you keep her alive." Scandalized, Milton asks the Governor about the deal, and the Governor cheerfully says they'll probably bring Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and maybe even Merle. "Best way to avoid a slaughter." "That is a slaughter," Milton points out. The Governor grins, "Not at our end." Seeing that Milton isn't amused, he explains that they were going to have to get rid of Rick eventually. "This way we all live side by side," he lies. Milton seems unconvinced. As the Governor heads to his place, he calls over to Andrea, "Thanks for setting that up. Really put yourself out there." Andrea calls back that she's glad she could help. The Governor adds that he and Rick set terms and they'll meet again in two days. Andrea asks about those terms, and the Governor gives that chuckle that means he's lying. "Hope it works out," Andrea lies right back. Or at least I hope she is, at this late date.

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