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A Hand Up

Daryl's out on a horse, shooting squirrel for fun. He spots something by the river, dismounts and goes down to check it out. He sees a small doll that has been washed up -- unsurprisingly, it's the one that Sophia had. She does not respond when called to, but he takes this as a sign of hope and carries it with him.

Back in the saddle, his filly gets skittish when she sees a horse, and Daryl gets tossed down the big ridge and into the water that is at least 100 feet below surrounded by some massive rocks. At the bottom, we see that one of Daryl's arrows has pierced through his side, and there's a pool of blood quickly forming in the water around him. Still, he quickly gets up, rips off his sleeves and binds off his wound. Then he gathers his things and starts back up the very sheer looking ridge... with the arrow still in his side. That's gotta hurt. He's got his crossbow and a stick that he uses for some leverage, but it is quite the arduous process.

At the farm, Glennn confirms that Lori is pregnant and she wants him to keep his mouth shut as she hasn't told anyone yet. Glennn seems to think that Rick is the baby daddy... because he is a moron who doesn't consider the odds and or the time it would take her to realize she was pregnant. But she doesn't correct him because she sees Shane and Rick returning from the woods. She wants to know what's wrong, and he informs her that Shane wants to call off the Search for Sophia. (If there were newscasters still alive, you can bet there'd be an infographic specifically about this missing girl and the brave men and women who were fending off zombies to find her). Rick explains Shane's very valid points about risking everyone's lives, wasting food and resources, slowing down their progress of getting to their final destination, etc. And Lori thinks that Rick is doing a good thing, and if it were Carl, she'd want to know for sure if he was alive or dead. Their insufferable conversation is interrupted by Hershel's daughter, who says that the doc is requesting an audience with Rick.

Back to Daryl -- a.k.a. the only thing about this episode worth watching -- and he's halfway up the ridge but at a particularly difficult part that requires a lot of upper body strength, which he has... when he doesn't have an arrow piercing his skin. So he falls... all the way back down. Poor Daryl!

Hershel is gassing up the generators when Rick finds him. He wants to know about his missing horse and the missing Jimmy. Rick says that he thought everyone had permission from Hershel. Hershel tells him that he needs to get his people under control.

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