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A Hand Up

Lori sits outside the door waiting for news about Daryl's condition and then when Shane and Rick come out, they start fighting about continuing the search for Sophia. Rick thinks that the doll is hard evidence they should keep going, a more pragmatic Shane says that Daryl nearly died for a doll. Rick storms off and then Shane tells Lori that Rick needs to make some of the harder calls. Lori thinks that it is easier to cut and run, Shane interrupts her lecture (thank you!) to tell her than he only cares about her and Carl. Lori realizes that he's gone cold, and tells him that she's not his problem.

Andrea sits on the porch feeling like the asshole she is, and Dale tells her that Daryl's going to be fine and that its OK that she shot a man, because everyone has wanted to shoot Daryl at some point.

Lori weeps next to Carl's bed, trying to figure out what to do about the fact that the likely baby daddy to her unborn child is a stone-cold jerk, until Carol comes in and tells her that dinner is ready. I think Lori's overthinking Rick's ability to calculate math in his head. Just say it is his and he'll totally buy it.

At the most awkward family meal ever, the moochers totally outnumber Hershel's family by 2 to 1, which says to me that this meal was more for them than as a thank you for Hershel & Co. I'm with Hershel that these people are a drain on his resources. Everyone eats in silence, until Glennn (who is sitting at the kids table with Beth, Jimmy and Maggie) asks if anyone knows how to play the guitar that they found. Turns out that Otis did. Awk-ward. Then Maggie and Glennn start passing notes under the table, which really goes against her whole "I'm not a teenager" stance she took with her father. She wants to know where Glennn will meet her to have sex, but her father sees something happening, and we don't see Glennn's response.

Carol takes dinner up to Daryl, who is so cute surrounded by a ton of pillows. I'm surprised he didn't take back to the woods to sleep on a log. Carol says that Daryl did a lot for Sophia, and she's proud that he did the same thing Rick or Shane would have done (yeah, those two model citizens). Carol tells Daryl that he is every bit as good as them. Wait until she finds out that Shane killed Otis; Daryl's really going to skyrocket in her estimation. She gives him a motherly kiss on the head and leaves him to rest.

Maggie waits until clean up time to look at her note, in which Glennn says they should do it in the hayloft. She understandably freaks, since we've been told about a hundred times that the barn is off limits and that Hershel likes to deal with the walkers on his own. Glennn climbs up the side of the barn into the loft area, as Maggie goes running to stop him. Once he's in the bar, he shines his flashlight down to see what the putrid smell is, and it's about 30 zombies just milling around wanting some of Glennn's fresh meat. He tries to run and has a look of horror on his face when he sees Maggie, who informs him that he wasn't supposed to see that. Really? He wasn't supposed to see Hershel's dirty little secret? At least it isn't little girls in wells, like I had presumed. Still, anyone who paid any remote attention could have seen this reveal coming from a mile away. You didn't need to climb a ridge on a skittish horse and talk to a hallucination to figure it out, with all of the heavy-handed hinting that was happening. So, it's not really much of a cliffhanger in my opinion. We'll see what unfolds as we maybe find out what Hershel's plan is? Is it to sacrifice Andrea? Because I'd be so down with that.

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