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The Lie of Brian

Inside the RV -- which is apparently theirs -- the Governor contemplates the water dripping in from the ceiling as he tells Lilly he's joining a supply run with Martinez and a pair of brothers. We'll find out later that one of the brothers is Mitch, the cadaverous one who was on Fringe; and the other is Pete, a younger, baby-faced guy. [Note: Played by Enver Gjokaj of "Dollhouse" semi-fame -- Ed.] So they look as much like brothers as the Dixons did. Lily says she's going to set up a nurse's station for the camp, and the Governor's feeling guilty because he was hoping to find something better than a leaky trailer and also he murdered almost three dozen people in a fit of pique. But, never having seen Woodbury, she's cool with this place. And with him, apparently.

Walking past a pond with the brothers, the Governor asks about the fishing, of which there isn't any; the pond is dead, according to Pete. Mitch warns, "You better watch your ass, One-Eye Bri." Good one. Maybe the Governor will pick his next pseudonym more carefully.

Further along the trail, Martinez has completed the foursome, which is on its way to where an old man back at the camp claims a survivalist type once homesteaded. If he did survive, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see armed visitors. Bringing up the rear, the Governor draws his gun and leads them off to the left, where they find a headless body in camouflage tied to a tree with a hand-lettered sign pinned to its chest: "LIAR." The Governor seems to be the only one bothered by it. I wonder why?

Back at the camp, Lily is tending to a cut on the hand of one of the women who was in the armed party at the edge of the pit. Her name is Alicia and Tara tries to bond with her a little over their shared history with (and current choices of) weapons. Tara starts to trash-talk Alicia's gun, until Alicia asks, "You always this full of shit?" "Yes I am," Tara answers cheerfully. Looks like we got us a new couple here.

Martinez leads his away team clear up to the house, and they find another headless, camouflage-clad body in a chair in the yard, this one labeled "RAPIST." The Governor thinks, well, at least I haven't raped anyone today. Finally they reach the porch, inside which the third body is labeled "MURDERER." It's not labeled "SUICIDE," but it doesn't have to be, because he clearly blew off the top of his own head whether or not he killed the others first (he almost certainly didn't kill them afterwards). The Governor picks up the family photo at the body's side before they open the front door. They can hear at least one walker rattling around stuck in there somewhere, so they send in the new guy in on point to check it out. Despite having plenty of rooms, it's a cramped, dingy shack and looks like it always has been. In fact, the relentless drear-scape of the zombie apocalypse almost makes the place seem relatively cheery.

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