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The Lie of Brian

Once most of them are in a back living room, they hear a closet door bursting open somewhere, and no sooner has Pete whispered "It's out" than a zombie comes up behind him. While he freaks and falls to the floor, the Governor pulls it off him and hacks the hell out of its head. And while on the floor, Pete discovers that he's sharing space with the two heads that once belonged to the guys outside, which are on the floor helplessly snapping their teeth. Still creepy as shit, though. While they're kicking those around, Martinez is attacked from behind by another intact zombie, which he throws off and which the Governor also ends up killing. This supply run's going great so far.

The team has apparently decided to hang around, and as the Governor contemplates the family photo -- which shows the dead survivalist with the wife and daughter that the Governor very recently re-killed -- Martinez tells the Governor that he wouldn't have invited him to camp had the Governor been alone. Ho observes that the Governor seems to have changed, which the Governor confirms. The brothers return with a box of goodies scavenged from the house, including a six-pack that Mitch shares around. The others start speculating on what happened, until the Governor suggests they don't think about it too much. Sure, the last thing he needs is to be hanging around a bunch of amateur detectives.

He seems to have won some respect from Mitch who says he knows how to regulate. When Mitch starts getting curious, the Governor quickly changes the subject to the brothers. Mitch was an ice cream truck driver-cum-tank driver, and deserted with the tank when shit started going down. "End of the world don't mean shit when you got a tank," he says. Little brother Pete was also in the Army, at Fort Benning, where he stayed as long as he could. Which I'm sure Rick would be interested to hear, after all the time he spent wanting to go there. When it's the Governor's turn, all he'll tell of his story is, "I survived." And as long as he knows how to love, he knows he'll be alive.

Later -- or perhaps on another day entirely -- Martinez has joined "Brian" and his new family (including Alicia) for a little beer-picnic in what passes for their yard. Talk turns to where Martinez and the Governor were before, which is the Governor's cue to leave the table and pace nervously around. Martinez takes the cue, and Tara and Alicia take off while Megan heads into the trailer. Martinez leaves as well, on beer-unsteady feet, but not before hearing Megan tell the Governor that the roof is leaking again. Martinez suggests the Governor fix it. "I'll do that," the Governor says mildly. There was a time when he would have shot Martinez in the face for such insolence. Or just to work off some frustration from something unrelated.

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