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The Lie of Brian

Inside, the Governor's about to make with the duct tape -- for all the good that's going to do on the wet ceiling -- until there's a knock on the door. Martinez is back with a surprise. Cut to the two of them on the roof of a different camper with a bottle, a back of golf clubs, and a bucket of balls that Martinez -- now drunker -- is hooking and slicing into the woods. He tells the Governor that Shumpert's dead. "He got reckless. Biter took a piece of him right over there. I swear, he didn't try to get out of the way. Put him down myself." He probably just despaired of ever getting a line. Apropos of nothing, Martinez says there are things you can't come back from. "Either you live with them or you don't." However, they agree that they both seem to be doing fine. Martinez credits the Governor's family, and says he couldn't sleep at night knowing he would lose them.

The Governor quickly says he won't, but Martinez has his doubts. "You don't think you can keep this place safe?" The Governor asks. Martinez plans to try, and to be prepared for what comes, which is an interesting thing to say given how he keeps turning his back on the Governor to swing the club. Martinez even offers to "share the crown" a little. He slices another one out of sight, and is in the middle of regretting never having taken golf lessons when the Governor abruptly brains him from behind with one of the golf clubs. Martinez collapses on the roof of the RV, half conscious and groaning wordlessly. With a pained look of his own, the Governor kicks him off onto the ground. The Governor watches him roll on the ground for a bit before grabbing him and dragging him the dismayingly short distance to the nearest zombie trap. "I don't wanna do it!" he screams while the Walkers grab at Martinez from the pit. "I don't want it, dammit!" The walkers drag Martinez down with them, while the Governor keeps repeating, "I don't want it. I don't want it." Well, a simple "No" would have sufficed.

That night in the trailer, Lilly and Megan come up to find the Governor distraught in their trailer. He claims to have just had a bad dream, which he can't remember. Convenient, that. Is Lily ever going to wonder why he's always acting so sketchy? If there were still cell phones and laptops, he'd be keeping the former locked and slamming the lid on the latter every time she enters the room.

Next morning, Mitch has assembled the whole camp -- maybe thirty or forty people -- and announces that Martinez appears to have gotten drunk and fallen into one of the pits. Pete announces that he's taking charge, though most people protest, including one old guy who says they should vote. Tara agrees that he can't just take over. "Shut your mouth, you little bitch!" Mitch snaps at her. So things are getting pretty tense pretty fast, not that the Governor seems inclined to weigh in. Pete calms everyone down and says they need each other and that his little coup is temporary until they can set up a vote in the next couple of days. Mitch and Tara are still squaring off, until Mitch tells everyone to move. And then Pete invites the Governor on a hunt with him and Mitch… because why not? You know, Governor, if you don't want to be in charge, maybe creating a power vacuum wasn't your best move.

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