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The Lie of Brian

Out in the woods, Pete complains to the Governor about all the problems he's being looked to solve. The Governor says it's hard to lead. Yes -- uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. As do the heads that no longer wear bodies, as we saw earlier. Pete asks for some help, but before the Governor can kill him for suggesting it, Mitch signals to alert them to something he's found: another, smaller camp. As they observe it unseen at a distance though the trees, Mitch says that it's ten people or less, but they have a lot of supplies. Pete suggests bringing them in, which Mitch thinks is crazy with their current lack of supplies. So being their supplies in too, maybe? Mitch says they can just go in and take what they need. "Why not? We need their stuff." Well, because so do they, probably. Pete vetoes the idea, though, and the brothers take off while the Governor hangs back a bit, troubled. Which is always troubling.

Later, at the conclusion of their hunt, Mitch bitches at Pete about their piss-poor take, which is considerably less than the supplies they left at the other camp. The Governor watches them bicker for a bit, then wanders off. The brothers follow him, to the other camp -- where everyone has had their throats cut. Plus the supplies are gone. Mitch is more pissed about the supplies than he is about the deaths, unlike Pete. "That was gonna happen either way! Now some other group's got our stuff!" One of the bodies starts moving -- not like a zombie, but like a wounded human -- and ignoring Pete's protest, Mitch stabs that one in the head. "He might have lived," Pete says lamely. Well, we'll never know now. Better do the rest of them or get out of here. They opt for the latter, with the Governor bringing up the rear as usual.

Back at the camp, the Governor rushes in to the RV and tells Lilly and Megan to pack up and get Tara, because it's time to bug out. When Lilly protests, he says, "Things are about to go very wrong here. It's happened to me before and I can't put you and Megan through that." Lily still has doubts and the Governor asks, "Do you trust me? Do you trust me, Lily?" She does, so he insists she needs to pack so they can leave tonight. Dude's got some balls, playing the trust card.

That night, the Governor is driving Lily, Megan, Tara and Alicia away from the camp, ignoring Alicia's protests. Don't ask me where he got the vehicle or how he got it away from the camp without anyone noticing. Before long, he has to stop, because the road ahead is completely blocked by a herd of walkers -- all of whom, fortunately, are stuck waist-deep in a mud bog and helpless to attack. That's the good news. The bad news is that the bog completely blocks the road. The Governor stands in the headlights looking back at them for a moment. So, turning around then? I'm not sure even the old Governor would have been able to surmount such an effective obstacle in both the literal and allegorical sense.

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