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The Lie of Brian

Indeed, they're all back in their leaky RV the next morning, and the Governor gets dressed for the day -- which includes strapping on his gunbelt. Lily sits up in bead, without waking Tara or Alicia next to her (people can be deep sleepers in the zombie apocalypse, it seems) and asks what he's doing. "Surviving," he says. Did you think he'd crumble? Did you think he'd break down and cry? Oh no, not Bri.

The Governor makes his way through the camp, which seems to consist of a maze of parked campers. Martinez must have raided an abandoned KOA at some point. Then the Governor reaches Pete's RV, he says they need to talk. "About Mitch," Pete figures, and invites the Governor in. He says he saw this coming, but what he doesn't see is the attack from the Governor, who literally stabs him in the back and then strangles him with his bare hands. I have to confess, I didn't see that coming either.

The Governor's next stop is Mitch's camper, but there's no subterfuge this time; he's now wearing Pete's leather jacket and pointing a gun at Mitch, which communicates a great deal of information without his having to say a word. The Governor backs Mitch into his trailer and forces him to sit down. Upon learning that Pete is dead, Mitch wonders if the Governor is going to kill him too. "For the old guy at the camp?" The Governor tosses him a pack of smokes, which Mitch lets fall to the floor and starts right in playing Good Cop. "Men like your brother, always doing the right thing, even at the cost of their own people." Then, while we're on the subject of cigarettes (which we're kind of not), he starts talking about his first smoke, stealing one of his dad's Lucky Strikes in the garage with his brother. And then his brother took the heat for it. "That was my brother. Hero. He got two black eyes and a broken rib for that. And I got beat anyway." Okay, we get the parallel. Let's move on. He really wants Mitch to have a cigarette already, but Mitch isn't in any hurry. Until the Governor stands up and makes it clear that it's not a request. "I'm running things now," he says, "And I will do everything it takes to protect this camp. Now, if you join me, I promise you you'll never have to worry about whether you were doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Because we will do… the only thing." He holds out the lighter for Mitch, who accepts the light and puffs on the heater like he never quit at all.

As we watch the Governor drag Pete's body out to the dock on the dead pond, Mitch ask in VOs what they'll tell everyone about Pete. The Governor says they'll say he died on a supply run, "Saving our asses." Mitch doesn't think they'll believe it, but the Governor says people believe what they want to believe. He kicks Pete into the pond and says, "Everybody loves a hero." Notice how the Governor doesn't appear to have taken any skull-related precautions with Pete's dead body? I noticed that, too.

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