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The Lie of Brian

Back to the pond, where he stands on the end of the dock looking into the still, dead water. Well, it's not exactly still and it's more undead. That's because Pete -- now a walker because of how the Governor left his brain intact -- is trapped under the water. Its ankle is chained to a weight while it tries to reach up to the surface to grab at the Governor, who just stares down impassively. This could end up being on a much bigger scale than his old wall of fish tanks, but it's a hell of a lot less secure. Anyone could happen upon this and what if that happens while the Governor's not in the mood for more selfish, senseless killing?

The Governor drives into the woods, parks, walks a short distance and looks around a tree toward… what else? The prison, of course! Where Carl and Rick are at work in their garden, just like we saw at the end of Episode 6. So at least two members of the regular cast turned up after all, even if they don't speak and are too far away to recognize without HD. The Governor draws his gun, weighs it a moment as if he's considering storming the place solo and then heads back to his truck. And on the way, he sees where Hershel is unloading the previous night's haul of dead walkers off the trailer -- with Michonne. Whoa, nobody gave the Governor a trigger warning! Both are smiling and as yet oblivious to the Governor's presence, as he raises his gun and cocks it. So that's the mid-season finale all set up for you. After all that prep, it had better be good.

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