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Rick makes a questionable decision to head down a pitch black stairwell armed only with a book of matches. We see him react to the stench, but we don't see much else as the matches don't exactly last long. It is an effective and terrifying way to shoot this scene. He makes it to an exit, is blinded by the light and is greeted by rows of dead bodies hastily covered in sheets and tied with ropes. They are currently attracting quite a number of flies.

Rick, sill clad only in his hospital gown and boxers, no shoes and a bandage around his midsection, walks past several abandoned and broken down helicopters. As he finds a discarded bicycle, a skeletal corpse next to it suddenly turns over. When the camera zooms out, we see the corpse is a zombie that is missing its lower half, has entrails oozing out all over the place, and really needs a dental plan. It vainly reaches out towards Rick, pulling itself along the grass. He quickly rides away towards his house. Once there, he starts calling out for Lori and his son Carl. No answer, but his house is pretty nice and fairly in tact, considering all the destruction we've seen throughout the town.

He has a normal person reaction, especially one that has been under heavy medication, and thinks he's in the midst of a nightmare and begs to wake up. When that doesn't work, he heads outside and just sits on his front stairs. He sees a figure all in black coming down the street. As his concentration is focused on the slowly lumbering feature, he fails to notice someone sneaking up behind him. The person from behind is a kid, who nails him in the head with a shovel. Rick calls out for Carl before he lands flat on his back. The kid calls out for his father, and after the dad offs the figure who had captured Rick's attention, he comes running over. The father says he heard Rick speak, and these zombies aren't known for their loquaciousness. He presses Rick to explain his wound, but Rick passes out.

When he wakes up, he's lying tied to a bed with the son from before watching over him with a baseball bat. The dad (Morgan, played by Lennie James who keeps finding himself in these post-apocalyptic messes -- see also Jericho) has changed his bandages, and still wants to know what the wounds are from. Rick says a gunshot, but dad wants to know what else. Just shot. Morgan presses to find out if he was bitten or scratched, Rick looks confused, as a person who just woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse would. Morgan feels his head, says that a fever from a zombie would have killed him. Then he pulls a knife on Rick and threatens to kill him if he tries anything before cutting him loose and telling him to come out when he's able.

AMC is really concerned about warping young minds, as it plays the little message about this containing violence and graphic images and whatnot yet again after the commercial break. I would hope that after a half hour that would have been obvious, and that at 10:30 at night it wouldn't be a problem... but I guess, better safe than zombie.

As Rick wanders towards the dining room, he recognizes the house that the father and son are staying in. He tries to move a curtain to glimpse outside, but Morgan tells him not to because there are hordes of the walking dead outside. Apparently, the sound from using a gun to shoot one of them earlier drew the nearby zombies in like flies. And cheaper for the effects department as well, I'm sure. Rick starts accusing the father of shooting a man in cold blood, son says it wasn't a man (well, that's what he says after he gets his grammar corrected) and Morgan sets Rick straight. That wasn't a person, that was a "walker." The PC term for a zombie.

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