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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Out on the street, she sees people handing out weapons and turning the Norman Rockwell main street into a bunker. Martinez is trying to draft some asthmatic 14-year-old, and his mom asks Andrea to intervene. She tells Martinez that they're supposed to be defending themselves, not raising an army. "Wake up," Martinez sneers. "The only way to defend ourselves is with an army." Which they will then use to attack people, in self-defense.

At the prison, they're still debating their next move. They don't have enough ammo to clear the outer yard, and Glenn complains about how they're trapped inside, somehow already running low on food and bullets. "We've been here before," Daryl points out. Glenn says that was before there was a snake in the nest. "Maybe we can go through this again?" Daryl says, insisting that Merle's in now. "Get used to it. All y'all." He heads upstairs and Glenn complains to Rick about Merle, saying nobody asked him to live with Shane after he tried to kill Rick. That's true; Rick volunteered. Hershel points out that Merle's military experience could come in handy, and Glenn suggests solving two of their problems by turning Merle over to the Governor. "Give him his traitor, maybe declare a truce." Yes, good luck with that. I'm sure that will satisfy him, especially with regard to Michonne. "Sure, you killed my undead daughter and half-blinded me, but now that you've made the painful sacrifice of handing over the man I sent to kill you, we're cool."

Hershel finds Merle at work duct-taping the blade of a reciprocating power saw to his arm-cap as a fairly poor substitute for the bayonet attachment he had to leave behind in Woodbury. They get acquainted by swapping their stories about Rick's actions leading to the loss of their respective extremities, as you do. Hershel pulls out a Bible he found in one of the cells, and begins citing the verse about cutting off the right hand if it offends you, a quote Merle completes chapter and verse. "Woodbury had a damn fine library. One of the only things I miss about it," he "explains." First of all, I'm sure he also misses being Duke Shit of Turd Mountain, and second of all, having access to a lot of books often leads to spending less time with the Bible, not more. Merle adds that the Governor is going to kill him first. "Michonne, my brother, then your girls, Glenn, Carl, the baby, whoever else. He'll save Rick for last so he can watch his family and friends die ugly. That's who you're dealing with," as though Hershel maybe thought until now that the Governor was more like a persistent telemarketer.

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