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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

But before this new walker can become a threat, Tyreese steps into view and quickly kills it. He's quickly joined by Sasha, Alan and Ben, who all freeze in their tracks to look at a nerd in a jacket made of duct tape and a woman with a maimed walker in a snare. Alas, neither Milton nor Andrea says, "This isn't what it looks like."

Michonne is busy doing one-legged pushups when Merle comes up and remarks that it's smart to stay in shape, reminding her, "Don't leave out the cardio." He says he wants to clear the air between them. Does he have a 1980s music video wind machine handy? Because I think that's what it's going to take. Still, he makes an effort, saying he was just carrying out orders when he was trying to hunt her down and kill her. "Like the Gestapo," Michonne says. Merle's basically, yup, and says he hopes they can get past it. "Let bygones be bygones." Michonne doesn't seem so sure, but she lets him turn his back on her and leave the room without doing anything. Godwin's law strikes again.

Milton explains to Tyreese and his group about how it's supposed to keep the walkers away. Ben asks if they have a camp, and Andrea says, "It's just us." Off a look from Milton, like anyone would believe that the cleanest people they've seen in a year have been roughing it, she adds, "We have a town. It's walled." Milton adds that there are seventy of them (which seems a little high, given that they were at 67 at the start of the season before all the deaths), and offers to take them back. Andrea leads her new pet off on her own errand, politely declining Tyreese's offer of help. "Nope, I'm good."

Andrea forces her walker ahead of her on foot all the way to the prison. While on lookout, Carl spots her through the binoculars and alerts Maggie, who readies her sniper rifle. Watching the approach of Andrea and her pet through the scope, Maggie recognizes Andrea. "Get your dad and the others," she hisses, and goes back to watching Andrea through the rifle scope. Without taking her finger off the trigger, I notice. Andrea comes right in through the blown-open front gates, axing down the odd walker that gets too close, while the group comes out, guns leveled, like she's an invading force. You might think this seems like rather an overreaction to just one visitor, and if it were anybody besides Andrea, I would agree. Rick demands to know if she's alone, but he lets Daryl open the gate for her.

No sooner is she in -- leaving her pet outside with the pole still hanging from its neck, so now Woodbury's going to be short a snare on top of everything else -- than she's up against the closed fence while Rick roughly frisks her, pausing to pull her away from the chain link fence only when a walker gets right up in her face from the other side. He bitches, "I asked if you were alone," and rips the bag off her shoulder. Michonne is watching all this with an inscrutable look on her face as Rick says, "Welcome back. Get up." I think he only means one of those things.

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