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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Andrea is led back into the prison's guest room, where Carol at least is glad to see her. They share a long hug as Carol says they though she was dead. Good times. Andrea notices Hershel's missing leg, and asks where Shane is. Sure, he was already dead -- twice -- when the shit went down at the farm, but I guess Andrea never got word before she was separated from the others. Rick just shakes his head. "And Lori?" she asks, poking away. Hershel answers, "She had a girl. Lori didn't survive." "Neither did T-Dog," Maggie adds. Andrea says she's sorry (I assume about Shane and T-Dog; not liking Lori was one of the few things she ever did right), and speaks to Carl, but he's looking pretty dangerous. Andrea takes another gander at Rick, who's been looking rough all season but especially so through Andrea's eyes for the first time in a long while. She asks if she can visit the cell block where they live, but Rick refuses. "We had that field, courtyard, until your boyfriend tore down the fence with a truck and shot us up." "He said you fired first," Andrea says, though I can't imagine that even she is stupid enough to have believed that latest lie. What am I saying? Of course I can. Rick says the Governor was lying, and Hershel tells her about Axel. "We liked him," Daryl says. "He was one of us."

Andrea says she came as soon as she could, and is starting to feel a little offended at how unfriendly everyone's being. "What have you told them?" she asks Michonne, who answers, "Nothing." The first words they've exchanged. Andrea wonders why everyone's mad at her and points out Merle before saying that the group is going to have to work it out with the Governor. Rick insists they're going to do that by killing him. Andrea claims that she doesn't know about everything "Phillip's" done, but there's a place for all of them in Woodbury. "You know better than that," Merle sneers. Well, a normal person would. Andrea admits that the Governor didn't send her, but she tells them that the town is terrified of them. So Daryl has a suggestion:" "Next time you see Phillip, you tell him I'm gonna take his other eye." Glenn adds that they've taken too much shit for too long: "He wants a war, he's got one." Andrea says she doesn't know what's going to happen if they don't work this out. "You want to make this right?" Rick asks her. "Get us inside." Andrea refuses, talking about the innocent people in the town, but Rick is done listening, and walks out on the discussion.

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