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Over in the library, an impromptu council meeting is going on with Carol, Daryl, Sasha, Glen and Hershel. They're discussing quarantine possibilities for those who have been exposed, and Carol suggests moving the survivors from D block to A, which would be death row. No sooner have they agreed on this than they hear coughing from the hallway outside. Everyone gets up to check it out and see Tyreese and Karen on their way to his cell. Hershel puts the kibosh on that, and explains that anyone who was exposed needs to stay clear of C block, where baby Judith is. Tyreese and Karen start getting understandably worried that she has what killed Patrick, and Hershel tells them not to panic, but to stay away from each other until they figure it out. Given that Karen's already been coughing all over Tyreese that ship has probably sailed. Karen says that a guy named David From the Decatur Group has also been coughing, and Glenn is off to find him. Sasha leads Tyreese and Karen off, and Daryl says he'll get to work burying the dead. Hershel tells him to wear gloves and a mask while he's at it. Before leaving, he checks with Carol to make sure she's okay. She asks him the same thing. "Mmm-hmm," he says. "Gotta be." And then they don't make out, which I'm sure is only because he's just been exposed to zombie flu.

Carol finds Lizzie and Mica out by the fence and has some bad news for the former: "Honey, you're weak." Lizzie starts crying as Carol presses on, saying she lost her nerve and has to trust her gut and act fast every time. "He's dead," Lizzie sobs, staring through the fence. "Why'd they kill him?" she asks her sister. "Why'd they kill Nick?" Mica just looks at Lizzie and says, "You're so stupid." No argument here. Nick is, you may recall, the walker that Lizzie was calling by name through the fence yesterday, and now he's part of the pile currently rotting outside. Well, rotting motionlessly, that is. As Lizzie runs off, Mica explains to Carol, "She's messed up. She's not weak." Well, one of the girls will probably be okay, at least.

Rick comes out to where Daryl is digging graves while wearing work gloves and a dirty bandana over his face like an old-timey train robber. Which I guess is what passes for a hazmat suit these days. Daryl says he was glad Rick was in there, and tugs down the bandanna without stepping out of the grave to tell Rick he earned his time off and that none of them would be there without him. "You gonna help us figure this out?" Rick protests that he messed up too much and almost lost Carl, but Daryl says that when shit goes down, he sees Rick standing there with a shovel. I'm not really sure what that means, but I think Daryl means it as a compliment.

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