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While doing modified crunches in her cell, Michonne remarks on the unconventional lullaby Beth is singing to Judith. When the baby suddenly spits up, Beth begs Michonne to take her, but Michonne refuses at first, and then reluctantly holds her like a ticking bomb so Beth can hurry off to go change. But after a few seconds of Judith's fussing, Michonne breaks down crying and holds the little ass-kicker tight. When Beth sees this upon her return, she leaves them to it. Maybe this way Michonne will be able to come up with a word to describe someone who loses a child, because this scene strongly suggests that whatever it's called, she's one of them.

Maggie and Tyreese open the front gate, and Daryl drives out Jeep out pulling a trailer that that's carrying both a large wooden box and a crouching Rick. That leaves Glenn and Sasha working the weakening fence alone. Daryl drives out to the part of the grounds just beyond the part of the fence the walkers are currently crowding. Many of them turn toward Rick, now standing on the back of the trailer behind the stopped Jeep. "Let's go!" Daryl yells. So Rick reaches into the box and hauls out a squalling, struggling piglet, slashes it up the side with his knife, drops it on the ground and tells Daryl to drive forward while the walkers fall upon it. See? Even zombies love bacon. A short distance further, Rick repeats the procedure with a second pig, while Glenn and Sasha get busy shoring up the outer fence with some handy lengths of telephone pole now that there's no weight against the other side. The third pig Rick sacrifices sprays its blood all over his face and the front of his shirt, and he looks completely wrecked as Daryl drives clear. I know he's mourning his dream of living out his days as a peaceful farmer, but for a guy who just solved two problems at once he really needs to cheer up.

Once again, Carol finds the girls at the inner fence, staring at a fresh new knot of walkers, this one of more manageable size. She tells Lizzie that those are walkers, that "Nick" was one. "You don't feel bad about that walker dying. You feel bad about your dad." Well, let's fucking hope so. With the zombies still snarling through the outer fence at them, Carol draws her knife and cuts a spray of flowers to put behind Lizzie's ear. Lizzie accepts the gesture, and tucks the knife into the sheath at her hip as well. Carol seems to think this is a victory. Whereas I think she just armed a moron.

Carl finds Rick out in the yard tearing down the hog pen. "Not this time," Rick says when Carl moves to help. Carl wonders if the pigs made them sick. "Or we made the pigs sick," Rick says, like he's the big expert after spending one night at the CDC once. He says they'll need to steer clear of the baby for a while, for her own protection, which I'm sure has nothing to do with not wanting to change diapers. And then Carl spills his secret: "Carol's been teaching the kids how to use weapons. How to kill. Their parents don't know and she doesn't want you to know." Rick doesn't say anything, so Carl advises Rick to let Carol carry on. He predicts Rick will say it isn't up to him, "but it can be." So once again, Rick is being pressured to make decisions, though I have to say that Carl is doing the right thing, being honest with his dad while trying to share the burden of the decision.

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