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Down with the Sickness

Cut to the two of them rolling the covered gurney into a separate room, which is of course when stupid Lizzie comes up all curious about what they're up to. Hershel makes some excuses and tasks Lizzie with reading his copy of Tom Sawyer, because it's always better to have Lizzie somewhere else whether you're disposing of a body or not. Once she's been gotten rid of, Glenn pulls his knife again and asks whether Hershel has had to do this yet. Hershel explains that Sasha did one last night, but he doesn't want the others to see it. Just then the dead guy stops being dead, so Glenn sinks his knife into its skull before it can even sit up. This is some hospital, where the patients have to do the dirty work.

Hershel meets Maggie through the glass of the visiting room, though she was expecting Glenn. Don't ask me how people are able to arrange meetings here in the first place. Hershel says Glenn is resting and everything is under control and there's no need for Maggie to come in, as tired as Hershel is. He assures her that they're going to make it. Well, probably not all of them. Back in the cell block, Glenn thanks Hershel for not letting Maggie come in, and Hershel sends Glenn to go rest. Like he told Maggie Glenn was already doing.

Out at the fence, Maggie is wearing some of her riot gear and poking a long garden tool into walker-faces all by herself, though the group pressing against the chain-link has to number a hundred or more. She leaves off long enough to run and open the gate for the returning Rick, who hops out of the car to ask about Carl, Judith, Glenn, Daryl, and Sasha. Screw Beth and anyone without lines, I suppose. Maggie's obviously curious about why Carol isn't with Rick, so he tells her about how Carol killed Karen and David. Maggie is rocked by the news as Rick continues that he didn't think Carol should be around when Tyreese got back, and he didn't want her there either. "She has a car, supplies." Rick says. "She'll figure it out." Maggie continues to look stunned, which is understandable; of the eight people who originally fled Hershel's farm together (not counting Andrea and the then-unborn Judith), there are only six left. This is actually not that bad, considering. Rick wants to keep this between the two of them and Hershel for now, and wonders if Maggie would have done the same thing. She says Rick was right, but isn't sure if she could have done it. Rick thinks so; "You've done harder things. Don't doubt yourself. We don't get to any more." What harder thing has Maggie-- oh, right, that teenage girl she shot to death in Woodbury. As he gets back in the car, Maggie remembers to warn him about the dangerously large group outside the fence, and Rick promises they'll take care of it. There are more important things to do right now and I can't wait to see what they are.

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