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Down with the Sickness

Rick's next stop is the admin building, where he finds Carl and makes sure he hasn't had to "do anything." "Haven't had to use my gun, dad," Carl says with barely disguised annoyance. Rick slides a backpack of food across the floor to Carl, and tells him it's not safe to come out yet. Carl says Rick can't keep him from "what always happens." Rick figures maybe, but it's his job to try. Well, if he's calling it "what always happens," I think Rick is failing.

Hershel returns to Henry's cell to find Glenn spelling Sasha at Henry's intubation bag. Then he moves on to visit Dr. S., who is sitting up but is clearly in a bad way. He's also resistant to Hershel's attention, saying he's already at the point of no return and that Hershel needs to focus on the ones he can save. He warns that people are going to start dying one after the other, "And they don't just die." Why, what happens afterward? I don't recall anyone ever mentioning that. Dr. S. shows Hershel the shotgun and ammo he brought from Cell Block D and says that by the time they need it, it's going to be too late. Hershel insists he's not giving up on anyone, so Dr. S. tells him to make sure all the cell doors are closed. Then he starts coughing, and Hershel again insists on taking a look, holding the lantern up to Dr. S.'s face "Okay, Hershel," Dr. S. says, now leaking blood from the eyes and mouth, "Have a look." Like it's Hershel's fault.

Hershel starts making his way down the block, closing grates and giving kindly advice to keep drinking his obviously useless tea, until a guy comes crashing across the hallway into a cell door and collapses to the ground, coughing up blood like a big drama queen. He's dead in seconds, and Hershel draws his knife. But before using it, he looks around at all the patients who have come out to watch, and tells them all to get back in their cells. Nobody listens, so Sasha comes out to help Hershel get the latest victim on the gurney, which someone had the foresight to clear off since the last time they used it. Hershel sends her back to her cell and rolls the body out of sight as one of those grim-sounding, bluesy songs you normally hear at the end of an episode comes unspooling over the soundtrack. Once he's alone with the body in the visiting room, Hershel hesitates with his knife, which he can't bring himself to use until the body's face is covered with the sheet. And thanks to Hershel's delicate sensibilities, the prison population's inventory of usable sheets has just decreased by one.

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