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Down with the Sickness

Meanwhile, Lizzie is standing uselessly over Glenn as he wheezes what may be his last, not calling for Hershel until Henry starts moving again. Which is not to say that Glenn's chest compressions worked, because quite the contrary. At that moment, the female zombie Hershel missed while taking care of Sasha comes out of her cell and bowls Hershel over, teeth snapping at the air in front of his face. Even while dodging those choppers, Hershel tells everyone to stay in their cells. But Eric comes out anyway, a handgun leveled, while another woman comes to Hershel's aid. For some reason Eric doesn't bother firing until the now-undead Aaron follows him out of their cell and sinks its teeth into Eric's gun arm, causing a bullet to fire into the head of the woman who hauled the zombie off of Hershel. Well, isn't this a giant clusterfuck all of a sudden?

Out in the yard, Rick and Maggie hear the shot and Rick tells Maggie to go, saying he's got the fence covered.

Back inside the cell block, Hershel sits up to see Eric feasting on Aaron in the floor. Lizzie is telling the un-Henry -- still with the breathing bag hanging from its dead mouth, for that extra touch of elegance -- to follow her as she backs along the cell block, talking to it like she's coaxing a dog into a kennel. Hershel gets to his foot and takes in the scene -- two active zombies (soon to be four) on the lower level, and another one stalking the idiot-child above. Plus the idiot-child has Hershel's book in her hand, which is a hell of a lot more valuable than she is.

Rick returns to the admin building to get help from Carl.

Lizzie keeps backing away in front of Henry, and if you were hoping she was going to redeem herself by having some kind of plan to trap or kill it, that's a big negatory; she just trips and falls backward, and Henry's on top of her a second later. But it's Hershel to the "rescue," hauling Henry off of her and throwing it over the railing, where it ends up trapped somehow on a chain-link ceiling separating the levels. Hershel helps up Lizzie, who says she thought maybe Henry was a nice one because it didn't attack Glenn. Basically, now that Carl is less useless, Lizzie is playing the role of relatable character for the show's vital idiot-child demographic. That waste of carbon never even drew her knife.

Maggie runs through the prison to the door to A Block and tries to hack her way in, but just gets her hatchet stuck in the metal lock. Hershel stashes a couple of kids into a cell and then checks on Glenn, who is moments from death. Maggie is still having no luck getting inside, first breaking the handle off her hatchet and then finding herself unable to get a clear shot to blow the glass out because people are running around in panic on the other side. Hershel leaves Glenn's side for a moment -- barely sparing a glance for the female zombie still wandering the lower level -- and proceeds to Dr. S.'s cell for what he needs in there. But of course Dr. S. just hisses at him and grabs at him through the bars, because now he's Dr. SsssssSS! Hershel breaks one of these with one twist, then stabs Dr. SsssssSS! through the eye to get past him and into the cell. Only one doctor in the prison again.

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