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The Governor and Eye

Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne watch the outer wall from the hiding spot we left them in at the end of the previous episode, until Michonne gets bored and disappears into the bushes. Thinking she's ditched them, the remaining members of the group lighten their loads, and Michonne comes back and indicates they should follow her.

At the Governor's house, he's talking to Merle about how smart it is to take over a prison. Not because he's planning to move Woodbury there; he'd rather take out the group there and let the walkers have it back. "No one'll be the wiser." Merle points out that group includes his brother, so the Governor says Merle will make Daryl their inside man. "Nothing happens to Daryl?" Merle confirms, and the Governor readily agrees. As for Maggie and Glenn, the Governor doesn't want to risk Andrea finding out. Not sure how that's going to work once Daryl is in the fold, supposedly. "Take 'em to the Screaming Pits," the Governor orders with regard to their captives. That sounds like a lovely spot.

Michonne quietly leads the other members of the group in through the back door of the place where she had her last, unhappy interview with the Governor, but there's no one there. Michonne suggests checking the Governor's place next, but the guys aren't exactly satisfied with her lack of knowledge of the hostages' exact whereabouts. Indeed, Rick pulls them aside and says, "If this goes south, we're cutting her loose." Oscar wonders if it's a trap, but Daryl correctly interprets it as the blind leading the blind. Suddenly there's a sound at the door, and an anonymous Woodburyan lets himself in, figuring to roust some curfew-breaker. So imagine his surprise when he finds his face full of Rick's gun muzzle and his hands zip-tied. Rick asks where his people are, but of course the man has no idea, so they gag him and knock him unconscious. Ignorance may not be bliss, but around these people it's good for a concussion.

Back at the prison, Axel is chatting up Beth while she holds baby Judith and Carl looks on suspiciously. He seems a little too interested to learn that she's seventeen, so Carol asks him for a quick sidebar. Away from the kids, Carol tells Axel to stay away from Beth, since they're not repopulating the earth right now. Axel shrugs that he hasn't seen a woman for a long time, Maggie's with Glenn, "you're a lesbian, and I was just talking with her." Carol straightens him out on that middle part, and he leers, "My, my, this is interesting." "No, it's not," Carol says. She's right, and I just wish it hadn't taken two seasons for someone behind the scenes of this show to get a sense of what's interesting and what's not.

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