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The Governor and Eye

The Governor's at the clinic, where the doctor says the eye is badly damaged. I'm no doctor and I could have told them that. The Governor wants out of the building, but first Andrea would like a word. "What the hell was that?" she demands as soon as the doctor leaves the room. 'Why was she here? Why were you fighting her?" The Governor says Michonne came back to kill him, implying that Andrea might have a better idea of why than he does. Andrea asks about the fish tanks and heads. "I made myself look at them. Prepare me for the horrors outside," the Governor says. Sure he does. He doesn't have an answer for Penny, though. Milton bursts in, asking what happened. Merle comes in a moment later, fresh from the fight, like the song goes, and says the intruders made it over the wall. "I'll go after them in the morning," he promises. The Governor gives him a pretty scary look with his remaining eye. You think he's figured out that Merle lied to him about having killed Michonne?

Rick, Maggie and a pretty rough-looking Glenn return to the group's former hiding spot just outside the wall to wait for Daryl. Michonne pops out of hiding, not exactly a sight for sore eyes, and Rick and Maggie hold her at gunpoint, demanding to know where she was. Rick disarms her and asks her, "Get what you came for?" Michonne asks where the rest of them are. "They got Oscar," Glenn says, and Maggie asks if she's seen Daryl. Rick starts to threaten Michonne if anything happens to Daryl, and she interrupts, "I brought you here to save them." And nothing else, right? Just pop in and pick up the Governor's head as long as you're out doing errands? Rick dismissively thanks her for the help, and she says he's got his work cut out for him, whether it's getting Maggie and Glenn back to the prison or going back in to get Daryl. "Either way, you need me." So clearly Michonne's still got scores of her own to settle in Woodbury.

The town -- including Andrea and Merle -- is gathered in the arena, although it's quite a different mood from before. The Governor walks into the middle of the circle with his eye bandaged and launches into a speech. "What can I say? Hasn't been a night like this since the walls were completed. I thought we were past it... I failed you. I promised to keep you safe. Now look at me. I should tell you that we'll be okay. That we're safe. That tomorrow we'll bury our dead and endure, but I won't. Because I can't. Because I'm afraid... I'm afraid of terrorists who want what we have! Want to destroy us! And worse, because one of those terrorists is one of our own. Merle!"

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