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Grimes of Vengeance

Inside the prison, Rick angrily splits four zombie-heads in quick succession. Feel better?

The Governor mounts a porch to address the townsfolk of Woodbury. He hearkens back to his group of nine and their humble beginnings and where they are now. Andrea watches all dewy-eyed, of course. Meanwhile, Michonne quietly lets herself into the Governor's empty house and takes her sword from the cabinet, which wasn't even locked. She looks much happier to have it strapped back over her shoulder, or at least as happy as she gets. But with the bottom level of her personal Maslow's Hierarchy fulfilled, she quickly gets curious, taking in the governor's family photos and paging through a bound journal of his notes. One page is just a list of names with "Penny" at the bottom, in bold, underlined, and under that a few lines of hash-marks. And then pages, and pages, and pages of hash-marks. Don't ask me what it means, or what the prop department did to piss off the writers. Hearing footsteps approaching the front door, Michonne grabs a handy knife and trues to break into the next room (which may or may not be the one containing his aquarium collection), but after spotting the rest of her and Andrea's weapons bags piled in an alcove, she ducks behind a wall while the Governor, Milton, and Merle come in, all unaware of her presence. Milton's complaining about the party's use of resources, partly because he's already short on power for an experiment he's been running all week, and he wants it postponed for ten days or even six. The Governor refuses, and they leave none the wiser, having collected the twelve-packs they came for. As for Michonne, she clearly left via the window while the guys were debating.

She emerges into a lot behind an old warehouse, where there are guts spattered all over the walls. There are also a half-dozen or so walkers locked behind a grate. So Michonne does what anyone would do in this situation, which is to break the lock and then walks into the middle of the yard to wait for them to come at her. And as they approach, she slices and dices all of them, each in a different way. Okay, now she looks happy. But a moment later, someone comes out the door carrying a gutbucket and, taking in the scene, drops it on the ground in what is clearly deep annoyance.

When we come back, she's apparently been taken into custody. The Governor comes in, holding her sword in its scabbard, and asks, "You get off on that?" Obviously she did. "Pokin' around other people's things?" Okay, probably not that part. He says they have nothing to hide, which Michonne says isn't usually said by people who actually have nothing to hide. The Governor concedes that point and says, "We all have our secrets." "Like Penny?" Michonne goads. The Governor looks busted, but quickly figures out she doesn't know anything about Penny but the name and goes back to his good ol' boy act, saying that Michonne wants to leave and Andrea wants to stay, so he figures Michonne is trying to make him kick her out so she doesn't have to decide herself. He says he was about to return her sword, "because you fit in. We've enjoyed having you." Okay, if we didn't already know he's a liar, we'd know it now. He picks it up and walks around the table, saying that following rules it what keeps people alive. "You've broken the rules. If I don't do anything, I invite anarchy." So he offers to keep quiet and give her a job on the research team, But while he's in midsentence, she jumps up, twists the scabbard out of his hand, and has the blade drawn and at his throat before he knows what happened. After a good long pause for him to think about what he's done, she backs away and walks out. Merle comes in after her exit and asks, rather sardonically, "How'd it go?" "She's all personality, that one," the Governor chortles, and tells Merle to send Andrea to him. Yes, her admiring gaze would certainly serve as an effective antidote.

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