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Grimes of Vengeance

Glenn's out in the prison yard digging a grave when Oscar and Axel come up to report that they have the walkers distributed evenly around the fence and to offer to help him dig. Glenn isn't exactly friendly. They express their sympathies about the loss of his friends, and he thanks them by saying, "I need two more." Congratulations, guys, you've gotten far enough into Glenn's good graces that he's willing to dump his work on you.

Glenn walks up the hill to where Hershel's waiting inside the next layer of fence, and accedes to Hershel's unspoken request to go get Rick out of the prison. "A third of our group in one day," Glenn says. I'm not going to quibble with his math, even though they started the day with 9.9 people (counting Hershel) and now have eight (counting the baby as 0.1), because Carol still remains missing and they're presuming her dead. "Because of one asshole," Hershel agrees. Glenn says he almost wishes they'd killed all the prisoners on sight. Of course given how quickly Daryl and Rick scattered, he probably hasn't heard about Oscar saving Rick's ass inside. Hershel seems to think Axel and Oscar are good guys, though. Glenn, unconvinced tells Hershel about T-Dog's van tour of every senior he knew when the shit started going down. "Saved my ass a thousand times. He wasn't just a good guy. He was the best." Yeah, Merle and Andrea might disagree on that. I'm really kind of bummed they're not ever going to be able to take that up with him. Hershel agrees that T-Dog was the one who closed the gate and saved the rest of them. "It's wrong, but I'd trade any number of people for one of ours any day," Glenn says. Spoken like the future Governor of Woodbury.

Andrea shows up at the Governor's house, and he tells her all about Michonne's misdeeds. To her credit, Andrea points out that Michonne couldn't steal something that belonged to her, and wonders why the Governor has "captive biters." The Governor doesn't care to go into that right now, because he would rather complain about Michonne's move on him with the sword. "She wouldn't do that unless she felt threatened," Andrea says. Which may be correct, but not in the way Andrea thinks. The Governor insists that he doesn't want Michonne to leave, but "we're not barbarians." No, barbarians are less creepy.

So then stupid Andrea goes to Michonne and says, "We gotta talk." Michonne retorts that they gotta go, but Andrea says she needs to stop freaking everyone out. Michonne's already freaking out herself, saying nobody ever leaves, "unless they make you." Andrea isn't following her logic, or willing to trust Michonne, In fact, she's blaming her for sabotaging tis great gig they've fallen into. "This place is not what they say it is," Michonne insists.

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