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Grimes of Vengeance

Andrea and Michonne are headed for Woodbury's wall with all their stuff, but Merle hollers out to them and asks where they're going, blocking their way like a frat boy who's waiting for his roofies to take effect. They say they're leaving, and Merle complains that he'll have to arrange an escort this close to curfew, with the party still going on and everything. Michonne just glares at him like she knew this was going to happen, so he goes to talk to the guard on the wall. Andrea goes up to Merle and says the Governor claimed they could come and go freely. Merle suddenly gets dead serious and tells her to step back. "See? There's always a reason why we can't leave yet," Michonne whispers to Andrea. But a moment later, Merle opens the gate wide for them, advising them to find shelter before nightfall. Michonne says this is all a bluff, but Andrea says she's being paranoid. "And why would they bother?" While Merle stands there holding the gate, increasingly impatient, Michonne and Andrea argue about staying or going, and Andrea says she can't go back out and return to their old miserable life. "And you... I'm afraid you're gonna disappear." She says the idea of a place like this is what kept them going all that time, and now they're here. Michonne, not possessed of Andrea's fancy lawyer-arguing skills, finally just asks, "Are you coming or not?" Andrea weasels and whines about Michonne's ultimatum, but she's clearly not. "You'll just slow me down anyway," Michonne says as she walks out the gate alone. Now, that's not classy. Andrea calls out to her, but she doesn't look back. As soon as Michonne's clear of the gate, Merle impassively closes it behind her, with Andrea still inside. I don't know if the Governor set out to divide them, but he could hardly have done a better job than they did themselves.

Later, the Governor comes and finds Andrea sitting alone on a bench and makes a few sympathetic remarks before offering her a drink and some company. And she smiles, takes his hand, and follows him back to the party. Because she is a moron.

It's dark when Glenn, up on the guard tower, hears Daryl's motorcycle returning and spots its approaching headlight through the woods. He calls down to Oscar and Axel, the latter of whom lures walkers along the fence away from the gate while Oscar opens it for the bike. Glenn shoots one or two down just for good measure.

Inside Cell Block C, Carl's trying to calm an obviously hungry baby, whose mood isn't improved even by getting passed along to Daryl. Using water from a canteen, Beth and Maggie whip up a bottle in record time and Daryl gets to feed it to her, so I guess now he gets to be her favorite too on top of everyone else's. Daryl asks if she has a name. Carl's been brainstorming day-brighteners like Sophia, Carol, Andrea, Jacqui, Patricia or Lori. Way to kill the buzz, kiddo. Fortunately, Daryl just christens her "Li'l Ass-Kicker."

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