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Grimes of Vengeance

Meanwhile inside the prison, Rick's odyssey of vengeance has led him to the boiler room. There's a puddle of blood and brains on the floor, and Carl's knife, and a trail of blood leading to the next room, but no more Lori's body. Rick follows the sound of zombie-slavering in that direction, and I'm thinking Carl, you idiot, especially upon my first glance at the undead creature sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, with a grossly distended belly. But the Buddha-like walker isn't Lori, but the male walker that must have eaten her remains. Which is so gross. [Note: Also, since when do zombies get full bellies after eating? The less continuity this show tries to have, the better.] Rick slowly walks up to it (and lucky for him it's sated enough that it doesn't put up much of a fight), sticks his revolver in its mouth, and pulls the trigger with a scream. Then he pulls out his own knife and, in a sick reversal of what Maggie had to do last week -- which was pretty sick to begin with -- stabs the dead creature in the belly savagely, multiple times. Jeez, Rick, I know you were mad at Lori over the whole Shane thing, but don't you think she's been punished enough?

It's also nighttime in Woodbury, and with Andrea on his arm, the Governor leads her to the top row of a set of bleachers overlooking the scene of Michonne's earlier triumph. Lynyrd Skynyrd's playing on a PA ("Saturday Night Special" rather than "Ooh, That Smell," which would be a bit too on the nose), and torches are burning, and Andrea's so not comfortable with any of this even before the lights come up, revealing a half-dozen walkers chained to railroad ties in the small, makeshift arena. Merle and another guy dance around in the circle formed by them, and Merle promises to the crowd that he'll kick the other guy's ass. So this is some kind of MMA cage fighting match, with the cage made of zombies. Oh, and some guy puts his kid up on his shoulders for a better view. Andrea gives him such a filthy look you'd think she was sitting behind him.

The fight begins, and after a minute of some brutal action that has the crowd on its feet, the referee calls the end of the first round. And for the second round, the chains holding back the walkers are lengthened, so the circle is tightened. Don't ask me what keeps the beasties from turning around and going after the crowd instead, other than the blocking they got from the director. Andrea's about to rush off in disgust, but The Governor gets her to stay long enough for her to tell him this is sick. He laughs that everyone's having a great time, and then sits her down and whispers, "It's staged. We pull out the biters' teeth, It's all for show." Andrea still thinks it's crazy, and isn't impressed with the Governor's reason for keeping walkers, now that she knows what it is. "We're shining a light on the monster under the bed," the Governor says, in an attempt to make everyone feel better about it all. Andrea says this is teaching people that walkers aren't dangerous. "We're teaching them not to be afraid," the Governor insists. Finally Merle beats his opponent and stands triumphant with one foot on his chest. Andrea sits there thinking, probably wondering which way Michonne went.

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