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Before they go off to the suburbs, Shane tries to teach Andrea how to shoot a moving target. IN THE WOODS! This is so awful. She can't hit the swinging branch, and he tries to distract her so that she'll be able to properly shoot under pressure. Mostly he calls her a girl, but he takes it too far when he tells her that she should pretend the branch is the walker that bit her sister Amy. She gets pissed and storms off.

Lori confronts Rick about the Hershel situation, and while this conversation is insufferable and completely whiny, the gist is that she's pissed he didn't tell her and wants to make things worse by crying to Hershel in order to stay on the farm. Maybe if she knew about the barn o'walkers she'd be less inclined to stay.

Shane drives up to Andrea, who is storming down a road in the middle of the woods by herself... idiot. He apologizes for taking it too far, but says that's how you train for war. She calls him a dick. He owns it. And she reluctantly goes with him to the suburbs.

Dale is cooking meat, and Lori gets nauseous and walks away, so the town busybody feels the need to walk over to her and throw in his two cents about her pregnancy. She figures out that Glennn told him, but she warns that he hasn't said anything to Rick. He wonders if it is because of Shane, and she looks horrified that someone figured out that she was having sex in the woods with Shane. Lori insists that the baby belongs to Rick, but doesn't want to bring a baby into a world that is filled with nothing but walkers. She thinks the infant wouldn't stand a chance. This is the first time I might actually agree with Lori on something.

Glennn is chopping wood, and Lori tearily asks him to get more supplies. She has a piece of paper that she writes little notes down on. Maggie goes with him to the pharmacy (is this her version of a booty call?), and she's pissed that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. And he just doesn't understand why her dad things that walkers can be rehabilitated. She tells him that she knows all of them by name, as they are her family. She begrudgingly agrees to get the item on the paper, but she's not impressed that Lori is knocked up and needs supplies. Glennn's wandering around the front, while Maggie is in the back with the meds. She gets grabbed by a walker, and he grabs a piece of wood and hits the walker upside the head. It's pretty great. But the walker is still alive, even though he's nearly headless. So Glennn takes his crowbar looking thing out of his belt loop and pounds the walkers head in. For a minute, Glennn redeemed himself. This does not last long.

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