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Lori opens her multiple packs of morning after pills, tosses them back and then runs far out into a field before shoving her fingers down her throat to make herself throw them up.

Shane and Andrea come back from their... interlude, and Carol's devastated to see that they didn't find Sophia. Really, you think your idiotic kid is still alive when she couldn't follow directions from Rick? She's totally dead. Anyway, Andrea's looking like the cat that ate the canary, so busybody Dale knows something is up. Shane says the place was overrun, but Dale looks skeptical. Stay out of everyone's personal lives, Dale. I don't like the two of them having sex any more than you do, but they nearly got eaten alive, cut them some freaking slack.

Dale tells Shane that he should get the hell out of dodge. Dale (who has inherited Lori's one giant eyed stare) says that he's just looking out for the group. Shane tells him that he's not the boss, and that Carl would be dead without Shane, but Dale thinks something is off about Shane's vague tale about the Otis death. Shane puts on his awesome intense face, and says that Otis died a hero. Dale doesn't buy that, since Shane almost killed Rick that one time. Bygones, Dale, bygones. Dale, and his weirdo bulging eyes, says he knows that Shane is not a good man. Shane, who can actually act (go figure), says that Rick is his best friend and would never kill him. But if he was the kind of man who would gun down his best friend, he would also be the kind of man who would happily kill a nosy old dude who is slinging mud around. Please kill him, Shane. For me? I'd forgive you for banging Andrea in the front seat of your new car. I'd forgive you for being whiny and annoying all last season.

Rick walks into his tent and sees the conveniently labeled wrappers from the multiple morning after pills. He examines them for an awfully long time. Can he not read? That might explain things. Then he goes after Lori, who is still sitting near her pile of vomit, in a field, probably getting covered in ticks. She really should have taken her trash with her, since she had time to run all that way. This is a woman who went outside to take a pregnancy test, instead of using a bathroom, in order to keep a secret. You'd think she'd be more careful.

Rick's pissed that she's been keeping this giant secret from him, you know, especially since she got mad that he didn't tell her about Hershel hating them. See, the Hershel hating them thing was pretty obvious to anyone who paid remote attention. That one is Lori's fault. Rick has a bit more of a right to be mad, especially since he thinks she might have aborted (even though that seems unlikely given how the medication is designed) their child. Or what he thinks might be their child. She says that she threw up the drugs, so she's still preggers. He wonders how long she knew and didn't tell him. He's also pissed that Glennn knows. She throws the whole, we can't bring a baby into this cruel world argument at him, and then starts crying in the most unfortunate and ridiculous way. I really wish a better actress was playing Lori. One that could make this awful dialogue somewhat tolerable.

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