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Next thing we know, Rick's cutting into the outer fence while the others take turns picking off walkers as they approach sporadically from the surrounding woods. Soon everyone's inside the zombie-free hog chute between the inner and outer fences, the latter of which Glenn quickly sews back together with cable. They proceed along the perimeter, attracting the helpless attention of the walkers inside, until they get to where they can see a watchtower that'll be perfect for clearing out the yard from, if only they can find a way to get across the infested yard and shut the gate next to it, which is currently allowing access to the outer yard from the inner one. Glenn volunteers, Maggie objects, but Rick instead deploys his people around the outside of the inner fence and atop another guard tower, tasking them with killing walkers through the fence and from above while he runs for it himself. Lori opens the gate for him without argument, and Rick starts across. "Sorry," Carol calls unconvincingly from the tower next to Daryl after one of her rifle bullets bounces in front of Rick's feet. Rick reaches the gate and chains it shut, doubles back a short distance past some now very interested walkers, and makes it into the tower. Daryl calls to the others. "Light it up!" With everyone shooting and/or stabbing from positions of safety, the yard is soon walker-free. Rick looks like this is the best day he's had in years. "We haven't had this much space since we left the farm," Carol says as they move into the yard. And look how that turned out.

That night, most of the group enjoys a dinner of weeds and wildflowers around a campfire while discussing their big plans for the prison yard, which so far include a vegetable garden and a canal. Daryl stands guard on an overturned bus while Rick circles the yard for the third time, as Hershel remarks that Rick would have found any weak spots by now. Yeah, that's not what Rick is looking for. Beth remarks to Lori what a great place this will be to have the baby, like that hadn't occurred to anyone. Carol brings Daryl some almost-food on his bus, and gently chides him for referring to Lori's unborn baby as "Little Shane." Well, if the kid comes out with piggy eyes and a shaved head as opposed to a messiah complex, we'll know for sure. Carol admits that Rick's gotten them farther than Shane could have. Daryl spends about three seconds rubbing her shoulder, sore from the rifle kick, and she cracks, "That's pretty romantic. You screw around?" "I'll go down first," he says, climbing off ahead of her, which Carol says is even better. "Stop," Daryl says. Wow, check out Carol, getting her flirt on.

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