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Dead Men Walking

Rick joins the meeting of the minds in progress. The inmates tell their story, which starts with a fire, followed by the zombie outbreak and ending with a caring, generous guard who locked them in the cafeteria and promised to be right back, even throwing them the gun before leaving. And that's where they've been for the last ten months, with access to enough food to stay alive, not to mention barber supplies and even moustache wax, apparently. As for that guard, whatever happened to him is probably better than what the Department of Corrections would have done to him for arming a prisoner. They've been waiting for the Army or the National Guard ever since, but Rick breaks the news that it's all gone. They want to call their families, like there's still a grid of any kind and Rick explains that half the population has been wiped out, which seems pretty conservative to me. Even the cast of this show hasn't done that well. Rick leads them out to the corpse-littered yard so they can see for themselves. They're brought up to speed on how the plague works and Rick doesn't waste any time telling these guys that the infection is already inside them all, after keeping it from his friends and family for however many weeks passed between the ends of the first and second seasons. When Rick first shared that, I thought everyone kind of overreacted to the fact that he kept it secret, because what were they going to do with that information -- try harder not to die? But now I realize yes, that's exactly what they would have done, because they have ever since. Idiots.

Anyway, the inmates' leader is impressed enough with the kill -- and keep in mind that so far he's only met these three members of the group -- that he's magnanimously willing to let them have a corner of the yard, probably more for his own protection from the walkers beyond the fence than any other reason -- but Rick's not about to give the place up after taking it and spilling blood for it and, as he's currently doing, glaring and gritting his teeth over it. Weapons are pulled out again, because the leader wants to move back into their old cell block, which is C, which of course is the one the group has taken over. "There are other cell blocks," the one white prisoner suggests and Daryl suggests the inmates could even leave if they like. The leader decides, "If these three pussies can do all this, the least we can do is take out another cell block." This he hopes to do with weapons borrowed from Rick, like there's any chance of him arming people who don't want him around. But Rick makes a counteroffer in which he'll help them de-walker another cell block in exchange for half of what little food is supposedly left in the cafeteria (I assume all the moustache wax will stay with the inmates). The leader agrees to it -- even the part where Rick promises to kill them if they stick their noses out of their own block.

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