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Carol and Lori are fighting to stop Hershel's bleeding with every textile the rest of the group can get their hands on. They're also wishing for antibiotics and sterile gauze, if they can find an infirmary. Carol even brings up Lori's impending delivery, but Lori asks Carol if she looks worried while putting all her efforts into not looking worried. "You look disgusting," Carol snarks back. About time somebody noticed that one of the things these people had to leave behind in one of their countless evacuations was any standard of personal hygiene.

Rick, Daryl and T-Dogg return to the cafeteria with the inmates, who explain how every time they tried to get out, any noise they made would have the walkers slavering outside the door... even though they all seem to be sleeping now. We learn that the largest of the inmates is called "Big Tiny," and the leader's still got a bad attitude as he shows them to the pantry, which is stocked to the rafters with shelves and shelves of goodies, contrary to what they claimed earlier. There's also a walk-in cooler, which Rick unwisely opens against the inmates' warning, only to be nearly flattened by the stench that rolls out. Apparently that's what they were using for a latrine. "Can't wait for my own pot to piss in," says the guy who's been compensating by keeping his moustache nice and pointy.

Maggie leaves Hershel's cell to have a whispered conversation with Glenn where she regrets letting Hershel come along on that last expedition and Glenn says it could have happened to anyone. She's already wondering what they'll do without him. And even if he survives, "He can't even walk. All we do is run." This explains why Maggie reacted to the sight of Hershel's bite as though he were already dead. Maggie accuses Glenn of expecting it as well, having figured out exactly why he's been hanging around, but Glenn says he's just prepared, and then sends Maggie to go check on Beth. Sure, Beth could use a ray of sunshine right now.

Maggie finds Beth already altering Hershel's pants, because God forbid he have to go tripping around in ill-fitting trousers after expiring of blood loss and joining the hordes of the undead. Maggie tries to keep Beth from getting her hopes up, maybe so she'll try to commit suicide again.

T-Dogg and Rick return with the first armloads of imperishables and after getting a status report from Lori on Hershel's condition (bleeding under control, labored breathing, still unconscious, but miraculously no fever), asks Glenn to put Rick's handcuffs on Hershel. Lori then follows up with Rick in private on the prisoners, and his plan and how he only saw one gun among them. "I don't know if it's gonna work," he admits, adding that his only other option is to kill them. "If that's what you think is best," she says. "You say this now," Rick smirks, which kind of cracks me up and is more than fair given her reaction to Rick's news that he killed Shane just like she hectored him to. Lori tells Rick she knows he's not a killer, even if she's a shitty wife and mom. "So do whatever you gotta do to keep this group safe and do it with a clear conscience." Until she changes her mind again.

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