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Dead Men Walking

Rick, Daryl and T-Dogg are gearing up with the inmates and their hand tools to prep for their incursion. The leader asks why he can't use his gun and Daryl explains to the n00bs how it's a last resort, due to how the noise attracts the walkers and gets them all worked up. Also, that's a six-shot revolver genius. Rick says they'll go in pairs, with Daryl and T-Dogg on point and himself in the back with the littlest inmate. He warns them to stick together and to go for the brain. It's not yet clear whether any of them actually listen, but it'll become clear later.

Maggie asks Carol and Glenn for a minute alone with her dad, who's now got one wrist handcuffed to the bed frame. Excellent security. This way he won't be able to chase anyone and what are the chances of him using his free hand on anybody within grabbing range? Glenn agrees to wait outside and Maggie tearfully promises her unconscious father that she and Beth will take care of each other with Glenn, and that Hershel doesn't have to fight any more. Which is good because he sucks at it anyway. And then she rests her head on his chest, the easier for him to grab her by the hair and eat her face when he dies and comes back to life.

The group of eight zombie-hunters makes its way through a darkened corridor when they're met by a couple of shambling walkers in prison coveralls. Daryl signals to hold off until the right moment, but the five inmates rush them and beat them about the body, which of course does the monsters no harm whatsoever. Our heroes hang back and watch, probably figuring these guys need to vent a little. And if they get bit in the process, that solves one of Rick's current problems anyway.

While everyone's standing around watching Hershel, Carl comes in, having been completely forgotten again, which allows him to have wandered entirely out of the cell block. But New Improved Carl has returned with a big old satchel of medical supplies, having found the infirmary on his latest walkabout. I say if he's finally making himself useful he should go for it, but Lori freaks out about Carl having gone by himself. You know, Lori -- here's a parenting tip from me to you: if you know your kid keeps doing something and you never do anything to stop it, eventually it stops being his fault and starts being yours. Carl says it's not a big deal and he even killed two walkers, and she ought to get off his back. Beth yells at Carl not to talk to his mom like that and Lori is about to add more, but Carl runs off in a snit. Nice job, Lori. You broke the upgrade.

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