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Dead Men Walking

The group in the corridors is moving on and Daryl reminds them that it has to be the brain. They seem to be getting the hang of it, even as a steady stream of walkers starts approaching in twos and threes and Rick orders, "No more prison riot crap." It starts getting crowded in there and Little Tiny backs out into the adjoining hallway. And promptly finds himself in a walker-fight of his own, including against one that breaks off its own rotted hand at the wrist to escape its handcuffs before scraping the splintered ends of the exposed bones down Little Tiny's back. Rick comes to the rescue, but then the leader of the inmates comes in and finishes the last one off with three shots from his revolver. Good shootin', Tex, now you're down half your ammo. These guys seriously need to work on their listening skills.

Once Carol's got Hershel bandaged up, she asks Glenn to come with her for a minute. He doesn't want to leave, since Rick said not to, but Lori, Maggie and Beth insist that they've got it. It's almost a full-on secret mutiny in there.

Rick looks at the nasty gouges on Little Tiny's back, and says there's nothing they can do. Most of the other inmates argue with Rick, like cutting off the dude's torso can save him the way Rick may or may not have saved Hershel, but the leader jumps in and gouges Little Tiny's head open with his pickaxe, then continues swinging at the dead man's head until there's nothing left of it other than what's on the walls and what he's wearing. Okay problem solved, then. Plus the leader of the inmates has shown, by his ability to survive in isolation for long periods of time and turn on members of his own alliance, that he'd be excellent on Big Brother.

Carol takes Glenn out to the hog-chute between the two layers of fence surrounding the prison, points to a female walker among the ones slavering outside the chain-link and says, "That one." Apparently Lori's overdue, Carol's going to need to do a C-section, and she needs to practice cutting through the abdomen and uterus without cutting the baby. "We've got plenty of cadavers," she points out. Too bad none of them are fresh. Carol sticks her length of rebar through the fence and into the creature's eye socket and as it drops, Glenn leads the others away from Carol down the length of the fence while she starts undoing the makeshift repair job Glenn did after they cut their way in last week. I don't know why Glenn in particular was needed for this task when he already had a job. Carl, Beth or even Lori could have managed just as well.

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