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Dead Men Walking

Rick and Daryl follow T-Dogg and the four remaining prisoners through the hall, having a whispered conversation about being ready to deal with the inmates' leader, who is clearly a loose cannon. Kind of makes you wonder how four other guys survived locked up with him that long, doesn't it? They make it to the prison laundry, where there are growls and snarls coming from the other side of the far door. Rick tells the reluctant leader to (reluctantly) open only one of the double doors to the adjoining cell block so they can control the resulting flow. But the doors are jammed and the idiot ends up opening both doors, and walkers flood in while Rick yells, "I said one door, shithead!" In the ensuing melee, the leader gets awfully close to Rick's head with a swing of his weapon, then throws a moving zombie on top of Rick while the latter's still off balance from having to dodge the blow. By the time Daryl loyally takes that one out and helps Rick back up, the fight's over .The leader makes a lame excuse and Rick says, "Yeah, I get it. Shit happens." And then they glare at each other for so long that I don't know why anyone is remotely surprised when Rick buries his machete in the man's head. The littlest inmate makes a threatening move with his baseball bat at Rick, but ends up being pushed over and pursued out of the laundry by him. Daryl and T-Dogg are left with the other two, who are forced onto their knees at weapon-point. Rick ends up chasing the runaway to a small inner courtyard occupied by a half-dozen or more walkers, quickly takes in the scene, and then ducks back inside, sliding the gate shut and leaving him to his fate. Just making more work for himself later. But his conscience doesn't look remotely clear, which means the good news is that he's still not listening to Lori.

Maggie sits alone with Hershel when he stops breathing. Beth runs in and panics, yelling for somebody to do something. Somebody would, but unfortunately Glenn's out in the yard helping Carol with her harvest. So Lori comes in and stupidly tries to give Hershel CPR while Carl watches, after telling Hershel just hours ago that he shouldn't hesitate if she or Shane, Jr. should die during delivery. Sure enough, while she's got his mouth clamped on his, he wraps his free arm around her neck. Nice handcuffing job, Glenn The others pull her free, but Hershel just falls back again, his eyes closing after looking around himself in borderline-human confusion. Carl is left shakily pointing an automatic at Hershel. Jeez, Rick gives Glenn one job...

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Walking Dead




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