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Dead Men Walking

Rick's back at the laundry and pretty pissed at the two remaining inmates, who he thinks knew all about their leader's plan. The southern gentleman begs for their lives, saying they aren't like the recently dead men. "We ain't the violent kind, they were! Please, I swear to God! I want to live!" Rick turns his gun on the other, who refuses to beg and invites Rick to do what he needs to do.

So Rick pushes them on into D-Block, where each cell is occupied by an executed inmate with his hands zip tied behind his back, lying facedown on the floor. Clearly there was a desperate official response to events in Cell Block D. The new residents whine a bit about the conditions, but Rick says they can take it or leave it. "Sorry about your friends, man," Daryl says, not insincerely, as he follows Rick out. And T-Dogg advises them to take the bodies outside and burn them. That's going to be a big job. And if they do it on a day when they're upwind from C-Block, they're going to have a dangerous, pissed-off neighbor.

Rick returns to the Block C, where Carl tells him, "Hershel stopped breathing. Mom saved him." Glenn backs that up, like he was even there, but I guess without corroboration there's no reason for anybody to believe that Lori could have done something right. Lori adds that there's still no fever, which seems to suggest that Rick's field amputation happened just in time. Rick stands over him and Hershel's mouth starts moving like he's going to say something, but he stays down and out. Nor does he make a sudden grab at any of the people milling foolishly around him. But finally his eyes crack open and blink humanly, although there's no money in the budget for Scott Wilson to have lines this week. Maggie and Beth are overjoyed and Rick uncuffs him, because you can't be too careless. Hershel reaches for Rick's hand, and Rick takes it. They all stand and crouch gathered around him while I wait for Hershel to take a chunk out of someone, anyone. Anyone at all, at this point.

Carol crouches over her dead walker, lifts up its dress, and prepares to go to work with a hunting knife, right there in the hog-chute she dragged it into. A POV shot shows that someone's watching her from the trees outside the prison, but we have no idea who. Or at least we're not supposed to. I guess it just depends on how spoiled you are for this season.

Rick finds Lori in a fenced-off catwalk outside and promises they'll start cleaning tomorrow. "Yeah, we'll give Carl a safe place to... do whatever he does these days," Lori agrees. Be more awesome? Quitcher bitchin', Lori, these zombies aren't running a Montessori school here. Rick lies that he doesn't think she's a bad mother, but doesn't argue when she fishes for a compliment as a wife, or with her point that there's not much they can do about it anyway. "What are we gonna do, hire lawyers and get divorced and split our assets?" Rick at least finds that darkly amusing. "We got food, Hershel's alive. Today was a good day." Rick credits Lori for saving Hershel, which she deflects back to him. "I thought maybe you were coming out here to talk about us," she says lamely. "Maybe there's nothing to talk about any more." Rick puts a hand on her shoulder instead. Yes, don't talk.That's good. But without looking at her, Rick manages to force out the words, "We're awful grateful for what you did," and walks away. Lori is left there smiling as though rather than treating her like an employee he hates and to whom he grudgingly had to give some positive feedback, Rick just told her she's a pretty, pretty princess who deserves cookies.

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