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All this is making Michonne's pets restive, and their noise is starting to attract the attention of the rescue party, so she quietly beheads them. So much for the most interesting thing about Michonne. Not hearing anything further, the rescue party packs up and moves on. Looks like the coast is clear, but a noise behind them causes Michonne to begin to lift her sword, until a voice tells her to drop it and slowly turn around. The high, raspy voice behind them sounds like that of an old woman, but when they turn, it's none other than Daryl's long-lost brother Merle, saying to Andrea, "Ho-lee shit! Blondie! Damn, you look...good." Another walker has come up behind Merle, but Merle casually dispatches it with a bayonet strapped to the metal sleeve covering the stump of his right forearm. I guess his chainsaw's in the shop. With a gun in one hand and this bloody implement...ah, representing the other, Merle grins down at Andrea, "Now, howzabout a big hug for your old pal Merle?" Andrea goes with the only possible course of action, which is to pass out.

Andrea is slowly coming back to consciousness inside one of the Land Rovers, whose passengers also include Merle and Michonne. The vehicle is driving through the night past disturbing, half-seen sights like corpses hanging from trees, while the leader of the rescue party is on the CB to someone telling them they'll be at "the gate" in five minutes.

Later still, Andrea is being checked out by doctor in scrubs, who tells her she's not well enough to leave, plus it's dark. Oh, and there are also guards posted at the door. Andrea asks where they are. "That's not for me to say." the doctor says. That's not a warm and fuzzy thing to hear, but she promises Andrea, "He'll talk to you." Who? Enter Merle, who has removed his bayonet attachment for polite society and who now makes a big show of commanding the room and guessing that Andrea must have wondered if he was real, as though either of them was privy to Daryl's fever dreams of him last season. "I guess this old world gets a little smaller toward the end, huh?" he says wisely.

He says that until he was found, he was bleeding out, starving, and considering suicide to wait for Daryl. "You seen my brother?" he asks. "Not for a long time," Andrea says noncommittally, probably not sure yet if she can trust Merle or how much she should share. "Makes two of us," Merle says. Andrea tells Merle that Daryl and Rick went back for him and found him gone. "Not all of me," Merle chuckles, sliding off his armature so they can see his raw stump. Merle remembers Rick as "that prick that cuffed me to the rooftop," although I don't recall for sure whether Rick ever introduced himself to Merle as anything other than "Officer Friendly." Andrea explains how Daryl got over that whole mess, and runs down the list of people who died since -- Jim, Dale, Jacqui, Sophia, and Amy, her sister. "She was a good kid," Merle says, "I'm sorry to hear it." Who is this dude? He's been back for several minutes and has yet to say anything racist. Andrea tells Merle about the other deaths, and the farm, and the importance to the group of Daryl, whose fate she still doesn't know. She says they got separated seven or eight months ago and she got left behind. "I know what it feels like," she says. "I doubt that," Merle says, looking at his metal forearm. On the other hand, it was T-Dogg's fault both times, so I'm already looking forward to that reunion.

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