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The Army guys are camped out at a roadside pull-off when the Governor drives up in an unthreatening Nissan, waving a white flag out the open window. The solders remain suspicious, keeping their weapons leveled until the Governor tells them they found Wells, the pilot, alive. They're all relieved and happy to hear that their friend was found, and the Governor adds, "We found you too!" And then he pulls a gun and shoots one of the soldiers down, triggering a hail of gunfire from the surrounding bush that massacres the rest of the Guardsmen where they stand. Yeah, I was wondering how the Governor was going to turn out to be a bad guy, and here we are. The Governor takes a rifle off one of the dying men and uses it to smash his skull, just to underscore his ruthless methods while also making sure we're picking up on how Woodbury gets its weapons. The Governor even shoots one man in the back as he runs away, and tells one of his unhappy-looking minions (not Merle, although he's with them), "Go put a merciful end to that young man's days. Let's see what Uncle Sam brought us, shall we?" Yeah, he was totally a preacher.

Land rovers roll back into Woodbury, now with military transports as part of the convoy. Andrea watches as the Governor and Merle quietly confer with Milton on the street, and then the Governor gets up on the bed of one of the trucks to make a little speech to the assembled townspeople. The Governor explains that he promised the pilot that he'd bring his friends back alive. "But they didn't have our walls. Or our fences. The biters got there before we did." Convenient. He explains that the trucks had stuff they need. "We didn't know them, but we'll honor their sacrifice by not taking what we have here for granted." He tells them to head home before it gets dark and to look out for each other. So clearly, as evil as the Governor is, the whole town's not in on it. Andrea looks moved while Michonne sulks on someone's porch. The Governor notices Andrea's continued presence, and as they walk up the street together, she asks if there's anything she can do, but he's good for tonight. "Long day?" she asks, all friendly. "Haven't had many short ones lately," the Governor says. "Good night." Now that she figures she's got his guard down, Andrea asks him his real name, and he says, "I never tell." "Never say never," Andrea says, which is pretty weak sauce. He looks at her and insistently says, "Never." Now he's not even trying to get along.

That night, the Governor looks out his window over the town, then snaps the blinds shut. He walks past a woman asleep in his bed and to the fireplace mantel, where there's a picture of himself, his wife, and his daughter, neither of whom is the woman in his bed. Taking a key from around his neck, he unlocks a door and carries his drink into the next room, which is a creepy little wood-paneled den where he sits and contemplates his drink. Oh, and also the twenty or so severed zombie heads floating in a pyramid of fish tanks against the opposite wall. One of which, at the top, once belonged to the helicopter pilot. That one doesn't look undead, just regular-dead. Aside from how his severed head is floating in a fish tank, that is.

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