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In an area of the prison where the lights keep strobing on and off, T-Dogg and Carol come upon a pair of walkers. Maybe even the same ones from the beginning of the episode, if I'm not mistaken. Carol raises her gun, but she's out of ammo. So T-Dogg rushes the walkers, grappling them against the wall and giving Carol cover to escape through an adjoining door while they tear out T-Dogg's throat. Sucks to be the black guy in a zombie story.

In Woodbury, Andrea's at the Governor's house for a little farewell visit. The Governor asks about their plans and Andrea mentions Michonne's plan to go to the coast. But when he asks what she thinks, she doesn't answer. She declines his offer of a drink, not having touched any in a while and figuring she's probably quite the lightweight by now. The Governor brings up Merle's quest, and they agree that Merle probably won't find Daryl, but he's got to look. That leads to the subject of what Andrea's looking for and she says she lost her parents and sister. Too bad about her parents, but Amy met the same fate that awaits anyone foolish enough to go camping in white pants. The Governor mentions his own wife, killed in a car accident eighteen months pre-apocalypse. "It's my daughter and me." At that, Andrea agrees to drink to better days. She admits that she doesn't know what she's looking for, after so much time just worrying about survival. After more unnecessary chatting, Andrea says she'd better go and the Governor says Merle will see them out and their weapons will be waiting outside. "Thank you Governor," she says at his front door. "Phillip," he quickly corrects. Andrea thought he never told anyone his name, so he sheepishly says somebody told him to never say never. She tells him to take care and he takes a step toward her -- but only to open the door and let her out. You know, the Governor is probably a lot like Shane would have turned out if Rick hadn't survived. No wonder Andrea finds him dreamy.

Rick, Daryl and Oscar make it into a generator room just ahead of a horde of undead. While Daryl holds the door shut, Rick's trying to shut the roaring generators down when suddenly Andrew, the Littlest Inmate, comes out of nowhere swinging an axe at Rick's head. Don't ask me how he got out of that tiny, walker-packed courtyard Rick locked him into, but here he is. He nearly brains Rick and knocks down Oscar and Rick is stuck fighting with him while Daryl fights the increasingly losing battle to keep the door shut against the zombies. Rick's down, having lost his gun and Andrew's about to deliver the coup de grace when he suddenly catches a trash bin in the head instead -- hurled by Oscar. Who then picks up the gun Rick dropped in the fight and aims at both of them. Andrew tells Oscar, "Shoot him!" Oscar takes his time, but after a moment he turns the gun on Andrew and takes him down with a headshot instead. And then, oblivious to Daryl (who gave up on the door and shot what turned out to be the single walker behind it during the melee) slowly sneaking up on him from his blind side, Oscar smoothly rotates the gun in his hand and hands it to Rick, butt-first. Rick throws the switches to silence the generators and says, "Let's go." Watch your back, Oscar; you're the black guy now.

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