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No Guts, No Gory

Back up on the roof they try and hatch a plan that involves distracting the walkers so that they can get to a construction site and steal a van. Rick knows that they're attracted to noise (a hard-won lesson if I've ever seen one), but doesn't know if the walkers can smell a human. This gives him a great idea. He dresses them all in labcoats and gloves, and they go out in the alley and pick up a recently re-dead body. Rick puts on a protective plastic mask, uses a crowbar to open a fire axe box, then gets ready to get to chopping. But first, a moment of silence for Wayne, the re-dead body who is unwittingly donating his organs to such a worthy cause.

Glenn and Rick take blood and guts and just cover themselves in it, making sure not to get blood on any of their actual skin. Well, some of them at least, Morales gets blood very close to his mouth when he puts the mask on to help with the chopping, and Andrea uses her bare hand to put her gun in Glenn's bloody waistband. Why did poor Glenn get volunteered for this suicide mission? Jacqui, T-Dog, Morales and Andrea help make the duo as disgusting as possible. Glenn pukes when he thinks about dead puppies and kittens. T-Dog wonders what will become of Merle Dixon, and Rick reaches his bare hand into his pocket to retrieve the handcuff key. I dunno, man, I would not get that stuff anywhere near my pores... just to be safe. They haven't found any Purell at this store. After the key is exchanged, Rick says to Morales: "Give me the axe. I need more guts." I laughed out loud at this, which probably makes me a disturbed person, but seriously, it is the line of the episode.

The blood-soaked duo head out into the alley, stumbling along slowly trying to blend in, while the rest of the group goes back up to the roof to keep an eye on their progress. As sounds of a rainstorm brew up above, the ever-selfless Dixon wants to know if "that asshole" is out on the street with a handcuff key. Always thinking of the welfare of others, that one. T-Dog happily waves the key in his face.

Out at Camp Terror, which I was hoping we'd forgotten existed, Amy is all in a tizzy because they haven't made it back. Considering that the sexed-up Shane and Lori are back, it's got to be the others they're worried about. They finally hear T-Dog's voice on the radio, and although it's broken up, the message gets through that they are surrounded and trapped. Lori wants to rescue them, and Amy wants to help her sister, but Shane basically says no. Lori gives him a crazy stare. Seriously, scarier than zombies, the way her eyes bug out.

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