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Glenn finds Hershel in a cell to talk about bad men -- whether he means the Governor or Merle, I'm not sure. Hershel says there will always be men like that, and Glenn agrees that it's like the walkers, and there's nothing they can do. Cheery. Hershel notices that Glenn's got his watch in his hands, and Glenn admits that he didn't understand what it meant when Hershel first gave it to him, but he does now. "I know what it takes. I want to marry Maggie. And we don't have to have a wedding. I don't even know if it'll last a week. But I want her to know, before... who knows." Hershel gives his blessing, and Glenn thanks him for it, then leaves Hershel alone to smile to himself. So at least the day's not a total disaster.

Merle and Michonne seem to have gotten clear of the walkers, at least for now. He ties the loose end of the wire around her hands to a support column outside a handy motel and quickly breaks into one of the cars parked outside. He gets to work hotwiring it, lying awkwardly (and vulnerably) on the floor under the steering column, with Michonne's sheathed weapon on the seat above him. He gets the engine running, but for some reason this boxy, 1980s POS has a car alarm, and it starts going off with a vengeance. Walkers start swarming out of the woods and even out of the motel at the noise, with Michonne still tied to the column while Merle stays in the car, oblivious and trying to get the alarm shut off. Michonne takes care of the first walker in range by kicking it over and stomping its skull like a rotted melon, and the second by running around it and the column, wrapping her cord around both its neck and the support column and then garroting it until its head comes off. So even tied up, she's not really as helpless as an ordinary person would be in this situation... for example, say, I would be.

Merle finally understands the situation when a big fat one comes in through the car's open door at him. He manages to push it back by stabbing it with his blade attachment, then uses Michonne sword to slice off the front half of its head. Michonne is still watching the approaching crowd of ghouls when a shirtless, skinny one comes out of the room right in front of her. Merle pops it with his handgun, then a few more of the nearest ones before slicing the cord securing her to the column and yelling, "Let's go!" They get in the car and he peels out of there.

On the road, Michonne is still waging her psychological campaign on Merle. "The Governor, Rick, anyone who needs their piss-bucket emptied and you come a-runnin'," she taunts. She points out that Daryl has it better, since Rick needs and respects him, whereas Merle has just blown his shot at a whole new beginning. "You choose to stay on the outside. No one's going to mourn you. Not even Daryl. He's got a new family." Daryl threatens to cut Michonne's tongue out and says she's on the outside too, which is a fair point because if she weren't she probably wouldn't be in this situation. She concedes as much, but points out, "Once the Governor's done with me, at least I won't have to live with myself."

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