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When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

At the prison, the standoff continues to continue, continually. The Governor says they could start shooting, but his side would win and Rick's people would all be dead. The problem with the Governor's scenario is that Rick's people would start by shooting the cocky prick standing on the tank. A couple of walkers come down the hill and the Governor takes them down with his own gun, though one of them takes two shots. He's perfectly away that the noise he just made will draw more of them. "Longer you wait, harder it'll be for you to get out of here." Uh, you're the one who's still on the outside of the fence, smart guy.

Watching from a distance over the sights of their guns poked through the inner fence, Carl is quietly arguing to Daryl that he could kill the Governor and end this right now. "Or you could start something else," Daryl says, telling Carl to trust his dad. No reason to think this can't end peaceably, right?

Three kids are bugging out, which involves Mika and another girl tandem-carrying Judith in her car seat as they run for the bus. How did Judith end up the responsibility of the kids in the first place? That will have to wait, because here's Lizzie, arguing that Carol told them to be strong and to protect themselves. Yeah, whatever Lizzie says, make sure and do the opposite of that, kids. For the rest of your lives. In this case, what Lizzie says is that they should get guns and help. Yes, definitely do the opposite of what Lizzie says.

The Governor warns Rick that there's only about an hour of sunlight left, and suggests he start packing. Rick looks at him and then at Hershel, as the Governor repeats that time is not on Rick's side. Rick finally manages to choke out that they can all live together. The Governor agrees that there's more than enough room, but doesn't think his family would sleep well knowing Rick was there. Rick says they could stay in different cell blocks and never see each other. Hershel agrees that it could work and the Governor agrees that it could have before, but not after Woodbury and Andrea. Oh, right, her. Still messing up everyone's lives even from beyond the grave. Rick says they don't have a choice. "We don't," the Governor agrees. "You do."

Rick insists that they're not leaving, and the gun battle the Governor is threatening will bring out enough walkers to destroy the fences and render the place worthless. In other words, everyone can live in the prison or nobody can. And why does Rick think the Governor would rule out that latter option? Out of patience, the Governor hops off the tank, grabs Michonne's katana from a henchman and puts the blade to Hershel's neck, much to the horror of his daughters watching from up the hill. Seeing this go south, Rick looks around at the invaders' faces for uncertainty and settles on Tara. "You, you in the ponytails -- is this what you want? Is this what any of you want?" Unfortunately for Rick, Mitch is there to answer, "What we want is what you got. Period. Time for you to leave, asshole." Oh, now Rick's the asshole. Interesting. Rick tells them that he fought the Governor before, and then took in his people and made some of them leaders. They made a lot more of them non-speaking extras and eventual zombies, but this isn't the time to split hairs.

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