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Fire in the Hole

Once they get to the room with the computers, a.k.a. Zone 5's "big room," Jenner calls out for Vai, his handy helping computer. She turns on the lights. Rick wants to know where everyone is, and when Jenner says that it's just him, Lori wants to know about the Vai person he was talking to. Has Lori never seen a science-fiction movie? Ever? Why am I not surprised. Good lord, Vai's a computer. Deal with it. Jenner, to his credit, does not call her a moron straight to her face. Andrea also thinks Vai is real, but her question seems more desperate.

As Jenner draws Andrea's blood, she wonders why he's bothering. Jenner likes rules. So do I. Don't ask stupid questions is rule 1. As she gets up, she stumbles a little woozily, and Jacqui says it is because she hasn't eaten in days. In fact, none of them have. This is patently untrue. The big fish fry/zombie attack dinner was like at MOST a day and a half ago. And did they not have rations still to snack on?

Jenner, again being a more decent human being, decides to feed them and ply them with wine. Against Lori's wishes, Carl gets to take his first sip of the hard stuff... and promptly decides that it is disgusting. Kids, they don't appreciate anything. Then racist Darryl decides to joke that he'd like to see how red my sweet Glennn's face can get. Meanwhile, Jenner just sits on looking bored of this whole situation. I am totally with him on this point.

Rick sees Jenner looking sullen and decides to propose a toast to their savior. Everyone excitedly chimes in, except for Debbie Downer Shane who wants to know why the CDC is totally empty. Time and place, Shane. Learn these things. Carl is better behaved. Rick tries to explain this to him, and Shane gets all uppity saying that finding the doctors working on a cure is why they came to the CDC instead of going to the military base. Yes, that was their purpose, and it was Rick's bad idea, but everyone else has totally forgotten about poor, dead-on-the-side-of-the-road Zombie Jim and moved on with their lives and, and now they've willingly decided to side with the guy who's an idiot, but not a total asshole.

Jenner calmly copes with Shane's rude table manners and a dig at his science skill, to explain that most people left when the going got tough in order to be with their families, and then the walkers made it through the military barricade and people ran scared and/or killed themselves He quietly describes this as a bad time. He says that he stuck around in order to do some good. And he did save their asses, so even though I don't necessarily consider that all good, you'd think those who had their asses saved would be a little bit more grateful. Right, Shane?

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