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Fire in the Hole

Then Jenner kindly walks them through the area where they will be living, and there's a rec room with video games (but he advises the kids not to play them because of a lack of power). He then mentions the words "shower with hot water," and my sweet Glennn and T-Dog look very excited. Then we have to watch people making their "O" faces while getting washed clean. Shane brings a bottle of liquor in with him, and Andrea just sits on the bottom of the shower all curled up. Seems like a waste of the hot water that Jenner just said not to waste.

A few minutes later we hear Andrea puking and Dale comes over to help her... but doesn't have the decency to hold her newly rinsed clean hair. She's upset because the world is all over. She probably says something else, but she's doing that sobbing/talking thing that I hate, so I'm ignoring her. I'm sure it has something to do with Amy and/or freaking mermaids.

Rick finds Jenner looking over the blood samples. Rick's polishing off a bottle of vino and tells Jenner that he can't possibly understand what it is like out there. He says that it was only a matter of time before they died in the outside world given the amount of walkers wandering free. He then tells Jenner some stuff about his regrets in life; he's had a few. Jenner assures him it will all be OK. Sure, suicide is painless, doc.

Lori goes into the rec room excited for books. I'm so sure that she reads. Carol's with the kids and then takes them away thrilled that they can get a good night's sleep without the threat of her abusive husband or the walkers. Guess she got over that whole claustrophobic thing pretty quickly. Lori drunkenly says she's going to stay and browse. Maybe they have some Danielle Steel on audio tape for her. That seems about her speed.

She's looking at books and wearing knee socks and a pajama top that looks like a men's shirt, while Shane stares appreciatively at her ass from the door way. He basically locks her in the room so they can talk about "some things." Riveting meeting of the minds that this will be. She's pissed that he said Rick was dead, he says that he thought Rick was dead, because he's never heard of a stethoscope. While he is explaining his point, he pushes Lori into a little table. He blames her for his lies, of course, saying that Carl and Lori would never have left without Rick, and that by lying, he was saving her life. He wishes he could have traded places with Rick, and still would because Rick has Lori. Then he basically tries to rape her against the table. She uses her fingernails and claws his neck, and then stares at him with her big bug eyes until he finally walks away.

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