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Fire in the Hole

Jenner (who has wisely taken to drinking again) says that the French were the last people who had any luck with the research... but then they ran out of power... and the lab exploded. Just like this one is going to. [That seems like a terrible way to preserve research. - Z] Then he delivers a lecture on fossil fuels. Rick screams at Lori to get her stuff so they can get out of there, but Jenner quickly locks them all in the big room together. Then he starts trying to do his last video log, before the Camp Terror crew starts physically attacking him. He just sort of sits and takes it and pleasantly explains that, even if he lets them out, there's no way out topside because all the street level windows and doors are sealed shut. He reminds them in a very Willy Wonka way, that he told them that the door would never open again. Oh, does this mean there are going to be Oompa-Loompas now?

Jenner tries to tell them that it's better this way. They want to know what happens in 28 minutes, because Rick's still kind of slow on the uptake. Jenner finally gets a little angry and says that with all of the ebola, black plague, fun contagious viruses and weaponized smallpox and the like, the system has a plan to destroy the building and everything inside so that shit doesn't get out. Sure it sucks for these guys (especially Rick who had the bright idea to come here in the first place), but the last thing zombies need is to start becoming ebola carriers as well. Then he gives them a dumbed-down lesson on HIT's, with the help of Vai. Basically they just set the air on fire. Jenner thoughtfully says that there is no time for pain or grief, it is just over quickly and destroys everything.

Darryl, who has remained remarkably calm (for him), starts screaming at Jenner to open the door to the Wonkavator. The testosterone-fueled guys take axes to the door and the kids and women start crying. Jenner says they should just deal with it, because the world out there is dangerous and deadly, and they're all going to die soon and get turned into zombies. Is that really a way to go? Jenner brings up Andrea's sister and asks Rick if he wants to see Lori and Carl end up like Amy. I do! Darryl nearly takes his ax to Jenner's person, until the other guys pull him away. Jenner says that Rick wanted this fate, he reminds him that he said it was just a matter of time out there. Be careful what you wish for, dude. Lori just stares with her bug eyes. And Shane shoots him an accusing glare. Rick says that he has to keep hope alive, and if Jenner isn't the solution, there's someone out there who can help them.

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