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Jim's still plugging away at his holes in the ground, when the Camp Terror residents confront him. Shane's at the lead, because of course. He may not volunteer to do anything remotely dangerous, but he sure does love bossing people around and sticking his nose into their business. Shane wants to know why Jim is digging, and Jim doesn't think he's hurting anyone, so it shouldn't matter. Lori says that he's scaring the kids, but Jim just wants everyone to leave him alone. [To be fair, Dale's the one who told the kids about it, and Lori's the one who brought them to watch Jim dig, so it's their fault. Jim was digging pretty far from camp. - Zach] Shane wants Jim to take a break and says he'll help him, but he wants Jim's shovel. Jim wonders if he'll punch his face like he did with Ed. Thank you Jim, for calling Shane out on his overly aggressive manner. You are my new hero. I love you almost as Glennn, even if you do give off a creepy, possibly pedophile-esque vibe some of the time. Amy tries to explain that Ed was out of control, but Jim points at Carol and says that's their marriage, and Shane is not the boss of the world. If they find a printing press, you know Shane's putting that on a T-shirt. Jim won't hand over the shovel, so Shane wrestles him to the ground and handcuffs him. Shane insists that no one is going to hurt him (then why not just let him dig?), but Jim says that's a lie he used to tell his wife and kids, before he watched them get eaten by zombies while he ran away. Sad.

Glennn has a plan to get the guns that he's drawn on the ground. He plans on moving quickly around the building. He's going to go with Darryl to the alleyway, and Rick and T-Dog are going to be stationed two blocks away. His plan is surprisingly thorough, so Darryl wants to know what Glennn did in his previous life. Well, Glennn delivered pizzas, but I've got a hunch that he also played a lot of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, because that kind of strategy doesn't just come overnight. Though I suppose being able to get from place to place in 30 minutes or less did play some part.

Out in the alley, Darryl tells Glennn "you've got some balls for a Chinaman." He's Korean, but Darryl does raise an excellent point. My brave little baby Glennn dives around sacks and avoids zombies, grabs the weapons, and even Rick's hat, before heading back to the alley, where Darryl's been joined by Miguel, a young kid. Darryl holds the crossbow to his head and starts giving him the grand inquisition about Merle. The kid knows nothing about Merle, but he keeps shouting, which is bound to attract walkers, and while Darryl is distracted, a car pulls up, and two guys, Jorge and Felipe, jump him and start kicking him. Rick and T-Dog hear the commotion from a block or so away and start running, but they aren't fast enough, as little Glennn gets kidnapped, though Jorge and Felipe leave the guns and Miguel behind (since Darryl does manage to get one arrow shot off into Felipe's derriere). The noise has attracted some walkers, so Rick grabs the guns and his hat and they run to safety.

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