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Rick pulls G aside and tells him, basically, that he's an idiot who nearly got everyone killed. True. G says that when the staff took off, he and Felipe stayed and have been defending the building in any way they can. More men keep coming to check on their grandparents and just stay. They are basically just fending off people plundering for food and medical supplies. He says that the world is the same, the weak get taken. So the Vatos (his crew) work on cars and dream of getting the old folks out of the city and everyone stays busy. Rick is inspired by this story and gives G some of his weapons.

The boys walk back towards their truck, discussing how many weapons he gave up and how, apparently, this trip to Atlanta was just to get his hat back. [And the walkie-talkie, which they haven't really mentioned. - Z] Very productive, if you ask me, He's the Sheriff looks about 50 times better with it on. And he might not get sunstroke like Jim. But the van appears to be missing. Darryl blames Merle and says that if he made it back to camp, it isn't going to be pretty at all. Now, at this point, the boys could have hotwired any of the vehicles that are sitting around. Rick does have that skill in his arsenal, but instead they opt to walk back out of the city and up the mountain. This is a bizarre choice to me, but maybe they needed the exercise?

In the RV, Andrea is rooting around looking for wrapping paper for the necklace she looted. It's Amy's birthday the next day, and she wants to give it to her. Morales has built up the rocks around the fire, so it can be a little bigger and they don't all have to freeze to death. Shane and Carl come to free Jim, who is totally understanding about being tied to a tree. They invite him to the fish-fry. Carol and Sophia try and get Ed to go to the fish-fry, but he doesn't want anything to do with people. We see that his face is all kinds of shades of red and yellow and his one eye is totally red and bloodshot. It's really gross. Nicely done, makeup department. [I actually think there were some computer effects in there, too. They went all-out. - Z] He wants Sophia to stay with him, but Carol whisks her away. Ed belligerently tells them that they don't need to bother him for the rest of the night. That shouldn't be a problem.

Rick and the guys do some light jogging back to camp -- again, those cars were just sitting there. While everyone else enjoys the fish-fry, Morales asks Dale about his watch, and wonders why he bothers winding it every day. Dale smiles and says it is important to keep track of time. [Uh, yeah. Don't you to want to know how many hours of daylight you have left, or how long you have left on your guard shift? - Z] He starts quoting Faulkner, and everyone quietly listens, until Amy says that he's so weird. Amy, shut up. Then she gets up to go pee, and complains that Andrea watches her every move. Well, that's possibly because she's annoying and childish all the time and clearly can't go more than five minutes without breaking down into tears, so someone needs to keep an eye on her.

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